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How To Make Slime

Practically everyone knows about that stuff that’s all slimy and gooey, and doesn’t stick to anything? The “EVIL HOARDE SLIME” is one of the many brands. In our conquest to discover various ways of making this Gooey Slime we came across what is closest to this stuff. Now let us show you How To Make Slime…


(1) Measuring Cup
(1) Large PLASTIC Bowl
(1) WOODEN Spoon
(1) Box of PURE Corn Starch
and some water nearby.

Method to Make Slime:

First. Take the measuring cup, and fill it, to ONE CUP. Dump it in the bowl. Wipe it dry, and measure 1 1/2 cups of PURE Corn Starch. *DO NOT DUMP THE WHOLE THING IN*. Put a little in, and continue to stir with the wooden spoon. Continue stirring until all the corn starch in the cup is used up.

Trying It Out:

Now you got How To Make Gooey Slime. What the hell do you do with it? Simple. Before you mess around with it, like at school,etc. You should test it out, to see if it’s good enough. Take your hand, and SLAM your hand, down into the plastic bowl. If it splatters, it’s not enough corn starch. If it accepts your hand, and you take your hand out with all this white shit all over it, then it works.


You might want to add some blue or any color, food coloring. This will make it more enjoyable, and will help it stick together more.


*NOTE* This slime can become VERY harmful to your clothes, rugs, and especially your drainage pipes. Do not throw this down the sink when you are done with it. It will clog your drains, and even LIQUID PLUMBER can’t eat through this stuff.

Fun With Slime:

Well, now you have this slimy shit. What should I do with it? hmmm? Well….

1. Take it to school and replace it for someones JELLO.
2. Put it in a plastic bag, to simulate that “pussy” feeling.
3. Use it as hard on cream.
4. Throw it at people.
5. Add some gasoline to it, and torch it.
6. Flush it down the toilets at school, and they will think that it’s some strange phenominum that the drains are screwed.
7. Color it green, and lay it on the desk, and make it look like you had a snot shot (blasting a booger out on side of a nose..)
8. Smear it on walls.
9. Drop it in someones pool (it floats, if it’s not too thick.)
10. Tell your parents you were out playing, and found a nuclear waste container.


Ah well…It’s fun anyways. We are not responsible in what you do with this crap. I seriously don’t see what harm can come out of a little bit of slime. Oh well… Have phun.

Note : Slime made by following the instructions mentioned in How To Make Slime is hardly anything like that crap called Ekto Plazm (Ghostbuster slime stuff.). This is just a slime kind of thing, that defies Newton’s 3rd law of motion. Try it, slam your hand into it. If it’s good. It will not splatter. Later.

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