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How to make the Smelliest stink-Bomb of ALL

Stink bombs are always fun when it comes to playing pranks on people who have done you wrong. These bombs which spread stench all around are popular since these fun toys are easy to craft on your own and are utterly safe. Here are the instructions to make the Smelliest stink Bomb of ALL

Iron-sulfide stink solution is sold for 98 cents for a 1/8 ounce bottle in joke shops but for about $1.00 a quart you can make your own with little problem. The active ingredient is ammonium sulfide which stinks to high heaven like rotten eggs or a full outhouse in summertime especially if it is spilled on the floor or vaporized by an explosion or sprayer.


To make some, you mix four ounces of sulfur with eight ounces of hydrated lime in a stew pot (at least half-gallon capacity). A quart of water is added and the mess is heated and stirred until the sulfur has completely blended. The hydrated lime will sink to the bottom of the pan and yellow liquid is then poured off into a bucket.

Take the bucket outside, if you have any sense, and add one pound of sulfate of ammonia. Stir it a minute and hold your nose. Then cover the bucket with plastic wrap and let it set for about a half hour. Then pour off the liquid slowly through a cloth filter into a bottle. If you don’t have an outside you can use your bathroom. Just hope no one has to go for an hour or so. The liquid is vile but it is not poison.

Sulfur may be obtained from rose dust (an insecticide) which is very high grade and makes excellent gunpowder. Rose dust has 10% inert ingredients so 10% more should be added to any formula requiring sulfur. Rose dust and sulfate of ammonia (a fertilizer) may be purchased in the garden department of a home improvement/hardware store. Hydrated lime is obtained in the building supply department where cement is sold. The total cost of the ingredients is less than ten dollars.

Now the Smelliest stink-Bomb into play:

Stinkum is either poured on the floor, shot from a water pistol, thrown in a bottle (or light bulb) or vaporized by a firecracker in a plastic bottle. A fun method in a crowded public restroom is to go into a toilet stall and shut the door. Hold your breath and pour a large quantity on a loose wad of toilet paper. Toss the wad on the floor behind the toilet and quickly exit the restroom.

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