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How to Make a Stink Bomb

Stink bomb is pretty easy to make if you know the exact ingredients and procedure required to prepare it. Following is a very easy method to make a stink bomb and yes it really works!


Sulphur (lots of match heads will work)
glass bottle
zip-lock bag or something else to hold the mixture in that can be broken easily

What to do:

Cut off the tips of a box of matches (yes, a BOX) or purchase some sulphur from the nearest chemist (or the local sulphur pits) pour about 8 oz of ammonia into the bottle or other container which you have just placed the match heads into Seal the bottle quickly shake it up and throw it somewhere that it will shatter


You can use other items to create the mixture in, but be warned the mixture of Ammonium Sulfide smells like rotten eggs, so be sure to use something sealable!

Have fun with this one. Open the bottle and leave the stink bomb in a parked car (not yours), local McDonalds bathroom, or other such venue.

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