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Ways to Make Different Stink Bombs

Here you are going to read Ways to Make Different Stink Bombs at home with readily available materials. Its really easy and in addition to this you get unlimited fun and enjoyment by using these stink bombs to get even with people who have done you wrong!

1) Basic Stink Bomb

Like the kind you can buy at certain stores. Take a few eggs and place them in a glass jar. You then must sprinkle some sulfur on them just to layer the top. PLace this outside on a high place in the sun where the bugs can’t get to it. The lid to the jar must be off. Let that sit for about 2 to 3 weeks. Then divide into your small or big glass containers and Throw it at a party or at or in someones house who you dont like.

2) Basic Perfume Bomb

It will have the same effect of the one above exept for the difference in smell. Take one part mixed perfumes and one part alcohol and you have an extremly strong smelling substance. This one won’t make your victim throw up, it will probably have one of these few effects….pass out..leave their house for a day..go crazy … see stars… think they are going to see the stars..

Now you know Ways to Make Different Stink Bombs so its time to have some fun!!

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