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Stink Bombs

A very effective stink bomb can be made from Ammonia and Sulfur, making Ammonium Sulfide. Mix the two together liberally, and in a very wide open space. When you have the yellowish fluid this produces, fill an eye dropper’s worth into a small glass container with a lid. You may use more than an eye dropper, but that amount was all it took to completely evacuate the boy’s locker room at my school.

A Coke bottle full of it would be more than enough to completely evacuate a large building. Note that even though there is no fire involved, some cities still consider it fire-works, so if you take it to a public place, (school, the subway, etc.) don’t let anyone know about it. I did, and they narked. Oh well, have phun and be careful!

Results of a Stink Bomb

The above mentioned formula for a righteous stink bomb, really works. A friend of mine took a Coke bottle, filled it 3/4 full of ammonia, and added some sulfur powder and corked it. Next, he shook it up, and I think some gas might have escaped, but anyway the fluid separates into two layers: a yellow layer and a clear layer. Pour off the clear layer. He then crept up to a neighbor’s house who had his windows open since it was such a nice day, and he poured the entire bottle in the kitchen window. Effectiveness of this stink bomb was proved when about 5 minutes later, the entire family including the dog was out in the backyard!

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