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How to Make Stink Bombs

It is really easy to Make Stink Bombs. All the information that you require to make these stink bombs at your home is mentioned here.

To start with, iron sulfide is sold for $.35 for only 1/8th of an ounce. Easier to make and Just as potent and costing about $.50 a quart is ammonium sulfide. It stinks too high heaven like rotten eggs and no one can stand to stay around it once it has been spilled on the floor or vaporized by an explosion thereby making it suitable to use for making stink bombs.

To make some, you mix 4 ounces of sulfer with 8 ounces of hydrated lime In a stew pot. A quart of water is added and the mess is heated and Stirred until the sulfer has completely blended. The hydrated lime will sink To the bottom of the pan and the yellow liquid is then poured off into a Bucket

Take the bucket outside, if you have any sense, and add 1 pound of sulfate Of ammonia. Stir it a minute and hold your nose. Then cover the bucket with Plastic wrap and let it set for about a half hour. Then pour off the liquid Slowly through a cloth filter into a bottle. If you don’t have an outside You can use your bathroom, just hope no one has to go for an hour or so. The Liquid is vile but not poison.

A 5 pound bag of sulfate of ammonia for $1.65 can be bought at any garden Store And garden sulfer is very high grade and makes excellent gun powder. It has 10% inert ingredients so 10% more should be added to any formula requiring sulfer. I bought the hydrated lime from a building supply store for $.10 A pound.

Stinkum is either poured on the floor, shot from a water pistol, thrown in a Bottle or light bulb or vaporized by a firecracker. The same goes for the Formaldehyde or acrolein. To vaporize the above nasties, a little bomb is Used. The best bomb casing is a plastic coin holder with a screw cap. These Can Be bought from any coin shop for $.10 each. The thin brass tubing is bought At a hobby shop. The wax is bought at a grocery in the canning section. To Keep The firecracker from getting wet, dip it and part of the tubing into melted Wax. Enough goody is poured into the coin holder to make it full when the Firecracker is put in and the lid is screwed on. It is filled as soon as Possible before using.

These stink bombs are ignited with a chemical igniter, shown further on, or with a match or Cigarette. The same system can be used in a glass bottle but that might injure Someone.

How to Make Stink Bombs

How to Make Stink Bombs

Also, an easy way is to simply get buteric acid from any chemical supply store. Simply leave an uncapped bottle behind a door, so that when a person enters the door will push over the bottle and spill the acid…Do not get this stuff on your clothing, as it is hard to unstink. A few ounces can go a long way.

Homemade stink bombs can be made by mixing egg whites, Drano (sodium hydroxide) and water. Let the mixture sit for a few days before using.

These stink bombs will create complete mayhem wherever you use these. You can now get back at someone without actually hurting anyone or use these stink bombs just for the sake of pure fun!

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