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Sulpher Plastic

Sulpher Plastic is very simple to form and can cause massive mayhem wherever it is used.

Shopping List:

  • Pure sulfur powder (available via mail supply places, or steal from the chem lab at school or college)
  • A test tube or beaker (preferably PYREX)
  • A candle
  • Some green control fuse/twine (Control fuse is MUCH better, and can be obtained by going to a hobby shop, and telling them you need fuse for a model rocket. They keep it hidden, but they have it.)


Start by figuring out how much you need. The powdered sulfur condeses about 50% when it is melted, so guess the volume you need. Put that amount in your test tube or beaker, and move it around over the flame until it melts into a light brown, watery liquid.

You need to have a form already set up, and I suggest cutting a section from a paper towel roll, and placing it on a sheet of paper. When that is done, pour the liquid into the form (while pusshing the sides of the form down on the paper to avoid leaks), and quickly stick the fuse in the liquid before it solidifies. Let the whole things set up for about 15 minues, and when it’s fairly cool, peel the form off the plastic. This needs to be done becasue sulfur burns at about 350F, and the paper/cardboard only lights at 451F, thus the sulfur can’t burn around the paper.

Put this sulpher plastic toy in a closed space and light. The control fuse will burn itself out, but in a few seconds, the glowing embers will light the sulfur. It works wonders on classrooms and whatnot. If you use the string or twine, you’ll have to douse the whole thing in lighter fluid before lighting, and then pray…


Sulpher Plastic is not deadly, but the vapors, smoke, and fumes will burn the lining of your nostrils, causing great pain; choke you; and make your eyes tear horribly.

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