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CAFBL Issue 6 Volume 2

Issue 6 Volume 2
* * * T H E A B U S E R * * *


Letter From The Editor…..
Underground News…..
How To Blow Up A Car by The Crowe (last
Phreakers Fone Book v1.2……
How To Get DELPHI For Free by Rush
How To Make Bombs by Spooky…..
How To Use MCI Cards And Not Get Caught by
Michigan Bell Document by Black Ice…..
How To Get Fake ID’s by
Freedom Of Speech In School by Dash……
The Telepass Calling Card by
How Not To Caught Using Drugs by TRiP…..
Fun At Malls by Death’s


I nor any other person involved with the writing,
programming, or
Distribution of THE ABUSER take no responsibility for the person(s) that read

obtain this magazine. The information in this magazine is SOLELY for

informational purposes only and anything described in this magazine SHOULD
NOT be attempted,
since some material is ILLEGAL. Furthermore, I nor any
other person involved with THE ABUSER
DO NOT guarantee all or any information
in this magazine to be one-hundred percent true and/or


Sorry for the long delay. Our major set
back this month was due to me
deleting the only copy of The Abuser issue 6 I had. Thank god
Rush 2 had a
copy of it printed out. So I would like to thank Rush 2 for taking the time to

re-type it. I think it’s worth the wait though since this is probably THE
biggest issue
so far. Well enjoy babbling, ENJOY!


CAFBL has dropped some
members and picked up some new quality members.
We have assembled the best hackers and phreaks
in 215 and asked them to join
CAFBL. Here is a member and distro site listing.

_____ _____ _____ _____ ____
/. ___\ /. . \ /. ___\ / . \ / |
/: |____/: | \/: ____\/. l
_\/. l
> l/ > . > l <: I <: |
\_______/\___|___/\___| \_______/\_____:
Computer Abuse Force For Better Living

< Senior Staff Members >

Dark Phiber (Founder) – Dash (Co-Founder)
Spiff (Senior Staff) – Black Ice (Senior
Staff) – Optic (Charter Member)

< Writers >

Dark Phiber – Black Ice
– Spooky – Kamui – Rush 2 – The Professor
Mad Arab – Death’s Servant – Kaos – TRiP

Bones – Dog ‘n’ Dirt – Milamber

< Coders >

Spiff – Acid Relapse –
Breezer – Frank-n-Stine

< Artists >

Dash – Corruption – Morpheus

< Distro Sites >

SoS (201 HQ)…………………Mad
The Undercity (209
The Hacker Crackdown (WHQ)……Dark
Mogel-Land (215
Highland ][ (215 Distro)…..Groo
The Wanderer…………….215-364-0926
The Napalm Cocktail (219
The Complex (410
The Ice House (West HQ)……….The
Unforseen Danger (610 HQ)………Rush
Twisted Reality (610 Distro)….Wolverine
Psychotic Rebellion(610 Distro)Midnight
Cyttorak (Southern
Psychotic Reflections (East
Death’s Playground (803 HQ)…..Black


Boy Caught Beige

January 12, 12:04 am A 15 year-old Bethlehem boy was caught outside a

business in the 600 block of Lehigh St. in Bethlehem, PA last night. He was
charged allegedly
with prowling and attempting to make a phone call from
outside a local business.

Information Is Illegally Traveled On The Information Super Highway

The infobahn turned into the info-gone on Christmas
day when sophisticated computer hackers
used the Internet to break in and take
over the computer of a well known computer security
expert, The New York
Times reported.
A federal computer security agency today was to
outline the
ways to prevent the intrusions the Times said. Computer experts are warning

that the intruders could copy or destroy the documents or even work undetected
by masquerading
as an authorized user.
Tsutomu Shimomura (sic) a well-known computer security specialist

at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, said the culprit took over his
computer on December
25, controlling it for more than a day and electronically
stealing a large number of computer
security programs.
Several attacks have been reported since then, but the exact number

is unknown. About 20 million people use the global Internet.
"Essentially everyone is
vulnerable" said James Settle, a former
FBL computer crime expert who is now an executive
at the Inet Corp., a
computer security firm.
Officials of the government-backed
Computer Emergency Response Team
(CERT), said the new assaults are a warning that better
security precautions
must be taken before business dive into the Internet.
The response
team at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh plans
to post an advisory today(1/23/95) on
the Internet, alerting users to the
attacks and urging them to use security programs, the
Times said.

The intruders fool computers into believing that a message is coming

from a trusted source. By posing as a familiar computer, an attacker can
get access to
protected computer resources and seize control of what was
considered a well guarded system.

Classified government computer systems are not thought to be at risk
because they are
not directly connected to the Internet, the newspaper said.

The Internet was originally
created by academic researchers to
share computer data easily.
The Times said the
security warning to be issued today will include a
list of brands of computers that can use a
program to guard against the
hacking method known as "Internet Protocol


How to blow up a
car. First you need to go out and get some Draino,
Comet, those little soap pellets,(you know
the kind where you put them in the
bathtub and the outer parts melts off, leaving the soap.)
and last a syringe.
Once you have all of these things in your possession then you are ready
begin. Mix the Draino and the Comet in a container use just a little bit more
than Comet. After you do this and they are mixed together pretty good,
get one of those lovely
soap balls (hopefully you got the biggest ones that
they had) and the syringe. Stick the
syringe in one of the soap balls and
extract all of the soap that is in there. It might be a
good idea to heat up
the syringe so that it goes in easier. Now extract some of your Draino
Comet mixture and fill the soap ball with it.

All you have to do is put a
couple of these babies in someone’s gas tank
and when they get their motor started and
everything gets heated up…
POW! KABLAAM! BOOM! The outer part of the soap balls will melt
your mixture of Draino and Comet which will eat through the gaslines, almost

always causing the whole car to blow sky high!


Here is installment number 3 of the Phreakers Fone book. I have those PBX
number for you in
this segment.

1-800-245-0033 – 4 Digit

1-800-221-9600 – Extender

1-800-288-8845 – Extender

1-800-321-6902 – Extender

1-800-999-3339 –

1-800-621-5640 – Extender

1-800-638-2633 – Extender

1-800-882-2255 – Extender

1-800-223-1270 – Extender

1-800-482-4848 –
Allnet Customer Service

1-800-536-3273 – Allnet Customer Service

1-800-783-1444 – Allnet Extender [0+ACN+11 Digit code]
1-800-333-8888 – Extender

1-800-200-0000 – 3 DIGIT PBX

1-800-933-0552 – PBX [First Code is 25410]

1-800-444-9606 – PBX

1-800-864-0808 – PBX

1-800-899-4480 – Cable
and Wireless PBX


The first thing
that you must remember is that it is easy and fairly
safe. To start get a copy of a magazine,
a computer magazine. Now go to the
back of the magazine to the advertiser’s index. Look up
Delphi international
or something like that. Ok, once you find it and turn it to the pay it
give the regular boring info about it. The stuff for the lamers. Now it gives
you a
number to call voice, 1-800-365-4636. Call that with your modem. Or
if you already have a
tymnet dial-up number (or sprintnet) you can call that
and connect delphi. As your user name
use joindelphi.

Now if you are calling your tymnet number or the given inwats number
(1-800 for you lamers), the tymnet way is preferable because you are less
likely to be
traced (which probably wont happen anyway. Now use the password
that it gives your which will
be something like pcc99a, it depends on which
magazine you used. Now use a credit card number
generator like Cmaster2, It
does not matter as long as it works. REMEMBER this rule, never use
the same
number twice because 1.it wont let you, and 2 you will in-danger your life
as a
free man.

Now that you have signed up and selected a tymnet or sprintnet
you will have to call their 800# customer support line to verify
this information. Remember
when you sign up to use a GOOD, easily accessible
dump site to keep the account longer. Enjoy
it and abuse it. have fun.


Ok this is my
first article for this kick ass group and
since this is also the first anarchy(note: this word
is not being used
correctly and I will only use it till I can find a good substitute for

it but I digress) article in here(as far I know) I figured I’d start
my (hopefully long)
career as a writer for CAFBL with a article on
some quick and easy bombs that you may/may not
have heard of before.
If you don’t like this I’m sorry but tough shit. When you get into a
group you can write about anything you want to. Well here we go!

Hydrogen Bomb

There aren’t many people who do not know how to make one
of these but I
thought I’d cover it anyway. This is a very easy bomb
to make. All you need is Liquid Draino
or muric acid, aluminium foil,
and an airtight container(I use a 2 liter soda bottle). What
you do is
put the Liquid Draino or muric acid into the soda bottle(or whatever
using) and then add aluminium foil balls. This mixture will
react to make hydrogen. Now there
are lots of things you can do with
this. The simplest would be to cap it tightly and the
hydrogen will
build up pressure and burst the container. But that’s no fun since
is no fire produced. A better thing to do is put a balloon on the
container, let it fill with
hydrogen, put a fuse in there, tie it,
light the fuse and let go…Wallah you have a miniature
Or you could just drill a hole in the cap(assuming you are using a 2
liter bottle), stick a fuse in, and lastly seal it with clay so no
precious gas escapes.

Co2 Cartridge Bomb
These are pretty well known but I
figure what the hell.
All you need is black powder, fusing, and either clay or wax(clay is
definitely safer to use unless you don’t mind losing fingers.) What
you do is saw off the
small neck of the cartridge and fill it with
black powder. Next put in a fuse and light. You
could also wrap it in
wire for shrapnel, or tape and thick paper for a loud bang. A

variation on this is to not plug it so it will be like a rather quick
and dangerous bottle

You almost have to have been living in a cave not
have heard of how to make this stuff but in case you were I’m gonna
cover it anyway.
What you need is lots of Styrofoam and some gasoline,
lighter fluid(optional- I find that it
makes it easier to light after
it has lain around for awhile), a container(I use old coffee
cans). To
make it fist take the Styrofoam and rip it into little pieces and put
it in
the coffee can(or whatever you are using as a container) and
pour the gas on it, careful not
to pour too much(I use about a little
less than a 1/3 of a cup per coffee can full of
Styrofoam) If you do
add too much gas don’t worry. You can just add more Styrofoam till the
desired consistency is reached. I usually put it outside for a night
so it jells then I add
a few drops of lighter fluid and stir so it
lights a little better.
You can use this
stuff to write on wood, as a very cruel
practical joke, help start a fire that just doesn’t
seem to want to
stay alive, and start just about anything on fire. Use your
I will have a project in which you will use this in an
upcoming issue so look out for it!

Exploding flints
These aren’t really bombs but they are
kinda neat,
cheap, and need no preparation. First get some flints.(you can get 10
them for like 50 cents at Rite-Aid or wherever). What you do is
hold the flints(not in your
HAND stupid..use a pair of tweezers or
something) and heat it till it looks wrinkled and then
turns red. Then
throw it against something and it will burst into a shower of sparks.

They are neat and you can scare the shit outta someone real good if
you pretend like you are
just throwing a rock or something. You can
also use these as ignition devices if you are a
good aim. Or you could
put black powder on the ground and throw one of these on it and
scare the shit outta something. Also if you have a real stupid friend
you could
show him/her the trick them sell him/her flints for a really
outrageous price and tell them
that they are getting a real good deal
or something. You get the idea.

These are very nasty and I would no recommend you
them. The only reason I’m telling you is because I feel that
I must spread any knowledge I
have and if you do something bad with it
then it’s your choice. You will need lightbulbs, gas,
and a needle.
Take the needle and fill it with gas. then stick the needle inside of
bulb by going in between the metal part and the glass. You may
have to open it up a little
with a knife. Put gas in there till you
feel you put enough in there. Now put it in a lamp.
When the lamp is
turned on the red hot filament inside the bulb will ignite the gas

which will burst the bulb, spreading flames everywhere.

Smoke Bombs

Ahh the always fun smoke bomb. You only need two
chemicals for this:
saltpeter and sulphur. What you do is mix the two
at a 2|1 ratio (saltpeter|sulphur). Next
heat the mixture on the stove
under low heat(you don’t want a whole batch of this stuff going
inside of your house, trust me) until it melts. Then you can pour it
into a mold or
cast or a paper cup. Stick a fuse in it and it’s ready
to go! There are many uses for this
kind of smoke bomb. for instance
you can put one in the school ventilation system(that should
get you
outta class for awhile and the smoke has some….uhhh..rather
startling effects
on the human male’s body if you know what i mean),
put one in the bathroom or a mall or
something and shout "Fire!!", you
can shove some of this stuff up a cars muffler and
the heat from the
car will ignite the combination, spewing smoke out an making people

wonder how that car passed emissions. Watch soon for another article
by me on a project you
can make with this stuff.

Flame Thrower
This uses the
relatively old concept of a can of
hairspray and candle. but the difference is you don’t have
to hold the
candle so you don’t have to get burnt anymore. All you need to do is
some stiff wire and bend it like this:

——\ Sorry bout the pic
³ /—— I suck at ASCII drawings
____³ __³

(side view)

/ \ ______
/ \ / \
__________³————- ___/
\ / \____/

(overhead view)

Eek again sorry bout the pic bit it’s hard to explain.
It’s basically on loop around
the hairspray can then it comes down and
out to the middle of the loop to support the can. The
other side is
two loops around the candle and then it comes down and to the middle
the two loops to support the candle. Sorry if this doesn’t make
sense but I’m like half asleep
right now.


Ok. Your
MCI card # is ………….. this card will not last long so please
abuse the fuck out of it
while you have it. Here’s what to do. First dial "0"
and wait for the operator. Tell
her that the "2" is broken on your phone.
Then ask her to please connect you to
1-800-950-1022. She will say ok or
whatever and you will hear it ringing. When it picks up
you will hear a tone
for about 3 seconds. After the tone, Enter 06105551212 to test it. If
don’t want to test it and you want to use it right away, just dial 0, the
code and number you want to call. After you are done this, You will hear
another 3 second
tone. Now dial in the MCI card number above. You will dial
in ALL 14 DIGITS of the card. Pin
included. After this you will hear two
short tones and it will ring. If this happens then the
card is working. If
you get a short message saying re-enter your card # then it is invalid or
screwed up entering it the first time. Try it again and if it says please
hold for
the MCI operator than hang up! The card will last for 3 days at the
minimum to 1 year at the
max (Only if the card owner is really stupid though)
Now you have a valid MCI card.


Ok. This is simple. MCI has this thing called
an ANI. An ANI is an Automatic
Number Identification. This is very important. If you call from
your home
phone without using "0", MCI will look up your ANI to see if it is a
account. This is why "0" must be dialed. I have tried this method and it is

100% untracable.



This is a document I found when trashing.

Re-typed for the hell of it.
It is a list of non-published Michigan Bell employees info.

Also I have included some other fun numbers if you live in the Michigan Bell

Date. Jan,6,95

Department. Corporate Security
Centralized Nonpub Bureau for number plan areas: 313 517 616
Authorization to obtain nonpublished telephone numbers.

Respons Company

ibility Office
NAME TITLE SOC. SEC. # Code telephone #
———– ———–
———– ——— ————
Karen A. Heathman Manager – 1 383-58-0391 MD2351000

Sandra J. Quayle Manager – 1 366-46-4055 MD2352000 906-225-6262

Lynne C. Barnett Manager – 1 385-52-8539 MD2353000 616-941-2539

Debra M. Martin-Ring
Manager – 1 383-62-5882 MD2352000 906-225-6262

Sgeila J. Maki Area Manager ???????????
MD235000 906-225-6260

And here are the phun Michigan Bell numbers, some only work in Michigan. But
there are also
some numbers that work outside of Michigan.

NAME Phone # Fax #
Coin Offices 1-800-441-1409 1-313-496-9875

CVC 1-810-984-9640 1-810-984-7089

FASC/FACC 1-800-321-4073 1-810-984-7089

SASC Offices
(Federal Gov.
Accounts) (8) 528-8340

SASC Offices

(RCC) (8) 528-8269

Vender Service
Center 1-800-482-0647 1-800-482-3786

Well I hope you have some phun with those numbers,
I know alot of you cant use them since
your not in Michigan.


Table of
1.1 The counterfeit-forgery method for getting birth certificates
3.0 The
infant death method of getting a birth certificate
7.3 Getting a fake drivers license

8.4 Ancillary Documentation
9.6 Social Security Cards
12.6 Applying for a Social
Security Card
22.9 Mail Drops
24.2 Closing

The corner stone of all
identity is the birth certificate. It is the
most widely accepted form of ID in the US. Birth
certificates are as
varied as the people who posses them. They have no photographs,

and rarely finger or footprints. The only really consistent aspect
is that they are
invariably signed by a doctor or hospital administrator.

Two Ways Of Getting One

There are two ways commonly used to get a birth certificate under another
name. One is the
counterfeit-forgery method, the other is the
infant-death method.

Counterfeit-Forgery Method (short-term)
The counterfeit-forgery method can be used to obtain
all valid info

except for a passport. This method is simple, effective, and takes
little time.
Forging a birth certificate involves taking a valid document and

altering the info within its four corners. One easy and effective
method for obtaining blank
birth certificates is to purchase them
as hospitals often do, from a document supply company.
This can
either be done by telephone or in person, but you must establish
yourself as
a legit purchaser, as every supplier has a different
sales policy. For example if I were to
call a supplier, I might
identify myself as the administrator of Acme Hospital looking for

a new supplier of forms. I could then request a copy of their
catalogues of birth
certificates, or certificates of live birth.
Once received orders can be placed directly.
An alternate and much preferred method of obtaining blank birth
certificate blanks is to
alter the existing birth certificate. This
includes getting a printer to reproduce a real
birth certificate,
excluding and of the type-written birth data on it. In other words a
printer creates a blank birth certificate from an actual legal original. Mo
st printers in
a larger city will do this without thinking twice. However in som
e circumstances a printer
would hesitate in taking on this job even if you were p
aying in cash
When they remove
the data on the birth certificate, you can tell them to
leave the doctors signature if you
want, or have it remove and fill it
in later. It is also very important to age your birth
certificate. You
can do this by creasing it, and leaving it in the sun. Of you could soak
it in tea until an old appearance is obtained.
Certifying it yourself is simple. It
involves a stamp,
an embossing, or both. Most printers who make stamps and round embossers
ll make
what you need. Have a printer make an official looking certified stamp,
with a blank line below the word "certified" so that a signature,
allegedly a
clerk, can be filled in.

3.0 The Infant Death Method (long term)
The infant death
method involves taking on the identity of someone
who actually lived and died. By taking on
the identity of someone who
died young, no records, other than birth and death certificates
Second, a passport can be obtained, because when the certificate is
checked out
it reveals an actual existing person, and there is a record
of the birth certificate in the
appropriate local agency office. Third
it is the most complete long term method of obtaining
a fake ID.
The basic concept is simple. It involves finding someone who was born
at the
approximate same time as you, who had the misfortune of dying at
a young enough age so that
no records exist as far as school, drivers
license, credit cards, and the like.
you must find the person you wish to become. Be honest about h
old you are and how
old you look. Then you must go around finding the
decedent. You can do this by actually
searching through graveyards, or
by going to your local library and reviewing old obituaries,
found on microfiche or microfilm.

Where They Were Born
Almost all
death certificates show where that person was born. Anyon
can order a death
certificate over the phone, from the Bureau of Vital
Statistics, Hall of Records or the

Was the Child Born in Another County or State??
The ideal situation is for
the child to be born in one state and
die in another. If this ideal situation is not
available, being born
in one county and dying in another will work.
The reason your
child must have been born in one area and die in
another, is to avoid someone finding out
that your taking on that
persons identity. Many counties cross reference their birth and
records. That is why you must make sure that your county does not cross

reference. For example, to apply for a valid US passport it is generally
necessary to provide
a birth certificate. If, upon checking out the
assumed name, the clerk finds out that this
person is dead, you will be
finding federal agents at your door. However if the person came
from a
county where cross referencing does not exist then the clerk will find
only a
valid birth certificate and your passport request will be honored.
So you MUST make sure that
your 2 counties do not cross reference. To
the best of my knowledge, no states, at the time
of writing, cross
reference, nor does the federal government.

Applying for a New
Birth Certificate
You should call the office in question and only then should you
out an application. Normally a request form will be involved, so
be prepared to substantiate
your identity with a business card or some
other form of ID, so that your request will be
honored without question.
There are unlimited reasons for requesting, certified copies of
certificates, and once again, its time to use your imagination. A
family member
might be requesting for a out of states family member, or
for the local genealogist
researching your family tree; an insurance
agent may be working on a fraud case; a county
health examiner may be
researching files, a priest may be doing a favor for an out-of-state

parishioner (people never question priests).
Once you have obtained a birth
certificate, getting other forms
of ID is comically simple.

7.3 Getting a
Drivers License
This is possibly the easiest thing to do. Just take your birth

certificate that you made, and take your test. You might be asked for a
social security
number, so be prepared.
If for some reason you cannot get a birth certificate another commonly

accepted form of ID is a baptism certificate, all filled in with fancy
lettering and
an expensive looking folder. Fortunately for you this can
be bought at any religious supply
store. That’s how easy it is to get a
drivers license.

8.4 Ancillary
These are photos, business cards, library cards, return if lost
membership cards, social security cards, insurance cards, medical
emergency card.
you get stopped by a cop for speeding, and of course he wants
to see your drivers license. No
problem, but it may seem very odd that
you are carrying nothing else in you wallet.
trivial a these may seem they are the first give away that you
aren’t who you say you are.

9.6 Social Security Cards
There will be asked for a lot, why because it is an easy
way for
individuals and the government to keep up with you.

To Get One

There are two major ways to get one. One is to adopt someone
else’s, the other is to
personally, or through a surrogate, apply for a
card number under another name.
If you
intend to make up a number you must realize the purpose of
the digital sequence used by the
Social Security Administration. The
first three digits correspond to the state in which the
card was applied
for. And for this reason I am including a chart so you cam make sure

the digits in your fake ID match those of the states where you allegedly
much less importance, but still something to consider, is the
middle two digits. They tell
the approx. year of issue. An odd number
between 05 and 09 was probably used in the late
1930’s, and an even
number from 10 on up was probably used after that. About 15 years ago,

previously unused sequences of even numbers between 02 and 08 began to
be used. But
the easiest way to get one right is to look on your own
birth certificate.
The final
set of four numbers can be utilized with out any worry,
because this set is meaningless,
determined by the particular sequence
at the office you signed up at and is virtually
If you want a card with the name and number of your choice on it
are firms who, for a small fee, will print a Social Security type
card, with your chosen name
and number. A company that I have often used
Dynamic Press
256 South
Robertson Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA. 90211
This is one of the few trust-worthy companies
that puts out a good
consistent product. All you have to do is provide them with a

self-addressed envelope and $5. They very quickly return a very
professional looking card to
You can successfully work as an independent contractor, or for a
short period of
time, an employee of any job with a false Social
Security number. But, working for extended
periods of time (about 60
days) can lead to minor problems with the FBI.

Applying For a New Social Security Card
Just go to your local Social Security office and apply
for one.
If the evidence you give them looks good you will be issued one. Social

Security does not perform background checks to see if the info is valid.

Here is the
list of the first three digits of a Social Security
card by state.
001-003 New
004-007 Maine
008-009 Vermont
010-034 Massachusetts
035-039 Rhode
040-049 Connecticut
050-134 New York
135-158 New Jersey
212-220 Maryland
221-222 Delaware
223-231 Virginia
232-236 W.
237-246 N. Carolina
247-251 S. Carolina
252-260 Georgia
268-302 Ohio
303-317 Indiana
318-361 Illinois
362-386 Michigan

387-399 Wisconsin
400-407 Kentucky
408-415 Tennessee
416-424 Alabama
433-439 Louisiana
440-448 Oklahoma
449-467 Texas
475-485 Iowa
486-500 Missouri
501-502 N. Dakota
503-504 S.
505-508 Nebraska
509-515 Kansas
516-517 Montana
518-519 Idaho

520 Wyoming
521-524 Colorado
525&585 New Mexico
526-527 Arizona
530 Nevada
531-539 Washington
540-544 Oregon
545-573 California

574 Alaska
575-576 Hawaii
577-579 Washington DC.

The United States Citizen Method
As can be determined by the
info sheet put out by the Social
Security Administration for applying for an original number,
there are
different kinds of identifying data that you will need to bring with you

when applying. Category (1) is for US citizens "born in the US". I
think the US
citizen category is the easiest to apply for.
By using the info in this file, it should be
obvious that anyone
can prove they are a US citizen even if they are not.
Most citizens
of this country apply for their cards between the
ages of fifteen and twenty. This is about
the time most teens are
seeking their first jobs and need a card for that purpose. If you are

over eighteen when you apply you must do so in person. Those under 18
can apply
through the mail. A minimum of two identifying documents are
Always realize
that the clerk will be asking why you want one if
you are considerably over the age of
Age is important only when applying. After that, you have a card
and a number
and no further age reference is made, not on the card, or
with the Social Security
Administration. There are no check-ups to
worry about. In other words if you are actually
thirty-five and your
application lists you as twenty, no private party will have access to

that file, nor will the Social Security Administration have reason to
believe that you
are not the age listed on your application.
If you are under eighteen then take up their
offer, and apply
through mail. You must prepare an "A" document and a "B"
document. The
"A" document is your birth certificate, the "B" document is
such as, school report cards, school ID cards, hospital or doctors
Boy or Girl Scout ID, stuff like that. Again, go to your local
printer and have these
documents altered. Then write a letter on a
piece of notebook paper telling them that your
parents are making you
get a part time job, and the employer wants a Social Security card,

since you do not the job is somewhat in jeopardy.
An alternate method that usually
works is the surrogate method.
Just hire a teenager to go do it for you and you avoid the
delay of the
mail, since there are no photos on the card, there is nothing to worry


The Alien Method
To obtain a Social Security card as an alien, all you
need is a
green card. These are easier for your printer to reproduce than your
When you apply for a Social Security card, remember the worst
that can
happen is that you get turned down.

22.9 Mail Drops
The mail drop or PO Box can
make it difficult if not impossible
for people to find out where you really live or work.
There are
countless reasons for a mail drop. My favorite is you can order stuff
to it
with a fake CC# and have it delivered to your mail drop, where
you can either pick it up, or
have it forwarded to your real address.

Establishing a Mail Drop
first step in successfully establishing a mail drop is to
pick the most prestigious part of
town. This is particularly important
if you are applying for a credit card.
Most mail
drops have a forwarding service so that it will be
repackaged, restamped and sent to either
your house or to another
forwarding mail drop, thus making it virtually untraceable, because
the time and money that would have to be spent to do so.

24.2 Closing

Well Folks here is another wonderful file brought to you by
the crew from (508)
Seggregansett, MA and CAFBL. Any questions
I can be reached on The Hacker Crackdown; (215)
Not-4You, If
You can’t get access to reach my ass there{In which case you
should not
even have your greedy, leeching, cum-stained hands
on this file} I can be reached on Prodigy.
Look under
Seggregansett, MA, I am the only member there. Next file will
something to do with TelCo.


To make a
long story short, a few months ago some kids at my school
brutally beat another kid in a rival
neighborhood. For any of you
that saw the Oprah show on the negatives of 911 a few weeks ago,
their main topic of discussion was this incident, and Saturday Night
Live also did
a skit about the incident. My school has taken alot of
heat for the actions of these few kids,
who most likely will be
spending the rest of their lives in jail. Abington High School

literally looked like a zoo with all the reporters from New York and
Hard Copy and everyone
After this incident, maybe one of the weirdest girls in our
school, along with a
few of her friends, published an underground
newspaper called Freaks Anonymous. And of course,
the very first
article was called "Recipe For The Remains Of Eddie Polec". For
of you who didn’t know, Eddie Polec was the name of the boy who was
beaten. In the
article, which was more like a poem, one of the lines
went something like "put his head
in an oven, and to 350 degrees you
will heat….poor white trash is the best white
meat…". Of course,
this was a little much, and I don’t agree with it, but 200 years
some great men granted her with the freedom of speech. I think it was
Voltaire who
said "I may not agree with what you say, but I will
defend your right to say it until my
People started talking, and copies of the paper got around
like a bad case
of crabs. Which put our schools administration under
some heat, and of course they had to take
action. And they determined
that hers, and the others punishment was to be what I think turned

out into a 5 day suspension. The reason for the suspension wasn’t for
what she said, or
what she did, but it was for "creating a
disturbance". If you ask may, she is a such
a freak that her coming
to school every day is a disturbance. She wears pipe cleaners in
hair and pillow cases on her head, but as a junior in high school,
when school gets
out she goes to the University of Pennsylvania to
take a college math class, and also scored
1560 on her SAT’s.
I think the bottom line is that for years schools have been
trying to
put a choke-hold on the students freedom of speech and
expression. There is the case where a
principal cancelled a schools
dance because an inter-racial couple was attending. And the case
a kid was put in educational confinement for wearing a nose ring. And
although this
was not as highly publicized it’s all the same
What do I credit this all too?
I once had an art teacher, who
had long hair and earrings, and was never a popular figure with
administration. Well, one day in class we were listening to Howard
Stern and Stern
was making fun of jews. There was a jewish kid in the
class who was upset by it, he had his
mom call the principal, and
the next day we had a new art teacher. Schools aren’t happy with
kid, and they are looking for the smallest thing with which they can
attack the
student with.
I’m on the schools newspaper staff, and I’m sick of reading
the shit they
publish every month, and I imagine there is a pretty
big fist hovering over the top of the
editor. It’s time someone spoke
out for our rights. The girl who wrote Freaks Anonymous was
motivate by her suspension, which is justified. She is planning on
having the
next issue cause even more uproar then the first. So, if
you have any interest in speaking
out or are just a person who likes
to write poetry or something of the sort, then you can
contact the
editor at SLYPOLY@AOL.COM. Or you can contact me at
and don’t forget…Anarchy Is The Best Policy.


This Project: Free Long Distance

PHILADELPHIA’S new calling card
gimmick is know as "Telepass" a silver plastic
card job with an "Authorization
Code" on it. This code is known from
now on as "AC".
* Here is
how to get free long distance from these boyyzZZz:
W *
r * First: The AC is a 9 digit
#. Setup like this when "x" is equal to
i S an integer between 0-9. 68x-53x-4×2.
That’s MOST of the cards.
t P Once you write down your guess at some Card #, follow
t A
this simple procedure:
e M
n .
. M 1.) For ye Old Domestic Calls: Out of State,
not Country…
. i Dial 1-800-680-0907. Hit "*". punch in your 9-digit code.
e For example 681-534-452. Operator tell you amount being charged.
y s Finally, dial the Area
code + Long distance #.
* t Ye hath been connected.
* e
r 2.) For International
Calls: Dial the above 1800#, then punch in your
* 9-digit /<-C0de! Okay, wait for prompt,
now you get to
Dial: 011 + Country Code + City K0de + Phone Number


Ok I am going to explain a few things you need
to know if you travel
alot with drugs on you. The first thing to do is never travel with
bong, or other paraphernalia. Always just travel with rolled joints. The
for this is you can easily eat them. Bowls and such are harder to hide
and get rid of. And
there are also extra charges for having paraphernalia. This
can also be done with other drugs
too, though I do not suggest you travel with
or use any illegal substances. And now another
thing is if you do travel with
any drugs on you often, it is not a good idea to have stickers
on your car.
Police and especially state police and highway patrol officers are trained to

look for stickers of like peace signs, bands, and alot of the symbols and
the Grateful Dead use, such as dancing bears, roses, skeletons,
the Steal Your Face album
cover, and Jerry stickers. So try to stay
sticker-free, but if you must have them(as I do)
Don’t have anything you
can’t get rid of quickly and don’t speed. Drive safe and keep an eye
in the




Ok…here we go and get another look
into the sick and demented mind of
the CAFBL writer. See not everyone has the right touch to
be a writer.
Different things can exclude you from the select few. i.e. 1: No life what

so ever.2: No chance of life.3:Small Balls.4:No imiganation….these and many
more are reasond
for the exclusion of people. Well back to our minds…some of
us are truly demented…while
some of us do this stuff for fun…take you
pick…both are pretty cool.
First of all
let me tell you about me since this is my first
writing. I am NOT a "/<-rad d00d"
nor have, want, will, or ever think of
being one. Let me make that clear. I am NOT a Warez
Puppie. I do like to read
older stuff from groups like, Vas, Cult Of The Dead Cow or cDc, and
These Mags are what inspired me to become a writer.



Ok…now onward to the
"MALL". The mall is a place of many fun
opportunities. First there is sears. The
easiest place to get away with stuff,
you can hack into the computers or just format some
drives. Next you go to the
hardware department and, knock stuff over…break the riding
mowers, ride the
bikes around the store. Stuff you can’t get kicked out for but really piss
the workers off. Next you go to the clothes department and steal those clip
things that
come on jackets[You can sell them to all of those p-hat guys].
Next you go into the dressing
room and mark your territory by pissing all over
the place. Then Leave Sears.
Next go to
Sam Goodies or some other music store. You Peel off one of
those alarm stickers of a tape or
cd. You put the cd or tape in your pocket
and stick the alarm thing on someone. When they walk
out "BEEP" While they are
getting strip searched you leave.
Ok…now we are up
to the arcade. You can get away with alot in the
arcade. First you go to the "Skeet
Ball" Machine and reach in the coin return
part[Your hand should fit]. You will fell a
metal box. On the side will be a
small arm made of round steel. You pull on that you get a
free game. You can’t
take a long time doing this or they will catch you. Next…on the bottom
pinball machines there is a switch that will turn the game on or off. Sometimes
you turn it off and on it will give you a free game.
Next, for a good laugh, go to any
software store where the workers
know nothing about computers. Well anyway you go in and ask
for MS-DOS 8.0.
There is nothing more fun than seeing them frantically searching the store
looking for a copy. They will finally tell you "It’s out of stock". Laugh at
then leave.



Greets to all CAFBL members –
iMMORTAL/iMAGE/HoE – SCAM! magazine / Phrack
Magazine / Wired Magazine – Scanner, Phantom,
Thrasher, The Red Skull, Mogel,
ColdFire, Rick Hunter, Fire Shadow, Drakkhen, and Slammer.
Thanx to AT&T for keeping me and my friends in touch… for FREE!

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