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Creative Anarchists Issue 1

Creative Anarchists

Issue 1 – May 15 1995

Written by
Silicon Avatar
Edited by Silicon Avatar


I. Who the hell do you think you are?
II. Detonations.
III. The
art of explosives.
A. Intro
B. Black Powder
C. Smoke Bomb
D. Napalm
F. Ammonium Nitrate
G. Ammonium Nitrate High Explosive
H. A Dual Charge
High Detonation Velocity Explosive Device


i. Intro/Disclaimer

— Please read, and I’m NOT just saying that to keep me out of trouble —

take no responsibility for the any of the following:

Death of others.
Injury of
Property damage.
Your death.
Your injury.
Your penis size, your
parrents, your report card, any of the other shit
thats happens to you in your lifetime;

For god’s sake lets be realistic.

If a man commites a crime it falls on that man. If a
person goes out
and kills 15 people with his Glock 20, do Glock CEOs go to trial?
think not.
Hence, I hand over all responsibility pretaining to usage of the
information, to you the reader. I think it sad that I have to
put one of these on my file,
here in the *ahem* land of the free.

I personally and truthfully do not condone attacks
on random people.

Executing those that aren’t guilty will not solve anything.
there are madmen reading this that want to go and murder hundreds of
people, I dont truthfully
care. This is most likly been found amongst
many many other, similar files. He would find his
information elsewhere.

This file is intended to edjucate and focus random
hate/violence. I hope
in ernest it that serves to further my cause and stop some of the

corporate evils that plauge our country day in and day out.

Thank you for your time.


I. Who the hell do you think you are!?

There are a great
deal of ‘anarchists’ out there that have no idea
what it means. Yeah, I suppose there is a
vast majority of you that are
saying ‘sure I know, its like chaos or something’. Well, to be
accurate it comes from the greek, meaning ‘without government’.
There was a
French philosoph named Pierre Joseph Perdew, if im not
mistaken (its quite likley that I am),
who founded the thought. He belived
that we would be much better off if we shared all that we
had with one
another and that possesion was, in itself, immorall. His plans for

government, and I use use that in the loosest form of the word, paved
the way for socialisim,
or modern communisim. You see, socialisim looks
wonderfull on paper… its just that when
applied it looses its coheasen.
I do suppose that if it weren’t for corruption ect in
government, it may of
worked out. But this is all beside the point. On with time.
in the USSR, there was a man whos name escapes me, that killed
the Czar saying that the
Socialists had marred the good name of anarchy, and
hence it got its terroristic aspects. You
may be wondering what relevance
all this has to you, so I’ll tell you what anarchy means to
Anarchy, is the naturall step beyond complete order. Think of a
balance scale. If
you tip one end, the other swings back to counter. If the
government crushes us in its fist,
it is naturall for us to respond in force.
Hence, as they tip the scale in their favor it is
up to us to keep the
balance. Our society is too large, too impersonall, too corupt. I see
inevitible for the US to be crushed under the weight of its empire, but dont
feel the
need to wait it out. Act now, force fate’s hand; I’m sure the
majority of us agree that a
change is nessecary, and while our interpetations
of ‘change’ may differ, the jeist is the
same. I belive that out of chaos
can arise new order, perhaps in the form of city-states,
perhaps in the form
of another unified nation, it doesn’t matter. Change is on the whole a
thing, regardless of the form it takes. As long as we all see the problems
and want
to correct them, I dont see how we could possibly make things worse
in the long term.

Unfortunatly, the majority is frightened by change. Even if they
agree with our veiws, and see
the same destination, the path leading to it
terrifies them. For this reason our ideas shall
undoubtedly be met by
forcfull opposition, so a great deal of tact shall be required in each
our actions. We must find those that do sympathize with our position and
make them
examples to those around them. People must understand that they
are not alone in this persuit
and that there are others backing them. Once
we get the people on our side, the rest is
I hope you understand my propostions and agree at some level or
another. If
so, please encourage those around you, perhaps even start small
groups that meet every so
often, or just talk about it to people. Make it
a conversation topic, a point of debate. I
think our veiws are supportable
enough that challenge to them could perhaps bring additionall
support in from
sceptics, ect.

Just as long as we do something.


II. Detonations

One of the most important things about making a
sucessfull explosion
is having the explosive in question properly detonated. Just leaving a
of RDX or gunpowder out near your target with a blasting cap placed neatly
range will NOT cut it.
All an explosion is, is something burning extremely quickly. Take a
bottle of flamible hair spray. Spray it on your average door knob and light
it. It should
burn slowly, like kerosene, then go out. Now, place the
lighter in front of the nozle of the
hair spray and give a short blast into
the air. The hairspray should ignite in mid air, and
burn violently very
briefly (by the way, if you contine to spray the stuff into the air and
constatly light it like a flame thrower, there is a significant chance that
after some
time, the can will heat up and explode.) Now, get an empty soda
can, and spray the hair spray
into it about 15 times. Then give one short
spray on the top of the can, and light the stuff
on the top of the can. A
finger of fire should shoot about 4 inches out of the top the can for
.4 seconds, and make a violent hissing noise, very breifly. Now, we’ve
a few things. If you have a flamible substance that is
concentrated and unconfined, it burns
slowly, as on the door knob. If you
have a substance that is unconcentrated and unconfined, if
burns much more
rapidly. If you have a flamible substance that is confined, it responds

Another good example is if you take a fire cracker and light it, it
the paper, and makes a small explosion. If you cut it open and light
the stuff inside, it just
So the trick is, knowing what the explosive can tear through, and
what it cant.
Then take the toughest stuff the explosive can rip through,
and confining it in that.

III. Explosives

— Please be carefull, explosives are just that. If you dont
have the —
— proper equipment, you really REALLY shouldn’t be attempting to —

produce these mixtures. —

So you want to make a bomb? Well, this just wouldn’t be an
zine if I didn’t tell you how to make a few good explosive devices, would it.

I’ve found that explosives can be a great form of entertainment, deturent,
or even a means to
clear away pesky crowds and the like.
In the following recipies, you will need one or more of
these items:

Cookie sheet (K-Mart)
2 quart (minimum) sauce pan (K-Mart)

GOOD quality rubber gloves (K-Mart)
A spatula (K-Mart)
A towel (K-Mart)
cups (K-Mart)
A bucket (K-Mart)
A means of powdering substances, with AS LITTLE FRICTION
I might sugest two boards, one flat plywood, and one 2×4.
Window screen,
1×1 ft (Ace Hardware, They’ll cut it for you, I

I sugest also purchasing
an air filter to keep fumes from effecting
your mind, and not one of those cheap ones either.
One that SAYS it will
guard against paint fumes ect. I suspect you can procure one at your
painter’s supply store, or hardware depot. Mind you, these things aren’t


– Black Powder –


Yes, yes, I’m quite sure you’ve run accross numerous
recipies for
this quaint little low explosive, but I’m going to go over it anyway, as
will be using it later on. If you’ve made this before, feel free to
continue on to the next
part of the document. My method is effectve for
making small amounts of the stuff. By the way,
I borrowed this recipe from
the black book of emprovised munitions. The only difference is, I
simple ways of obtaining the ingredients.

You’ll need the following

Potassium nitrate, granulated 3 cups

I was able to buy this
over the counter at my local
Long’s Drugs, under the name Saltpetre. I’m certiant
you shall be able to as well.

Sulfur, powdered, 1/2 cup

This is difficult
to obtain. My only sugestion is reduce
the recipe and remove the heads of matches (NOT
anywhere), as we will only need black powder as a
detonating charge. You can
shave the sulfur off with a
sharp knife. It can most likley be purchased at a
supply house, but I have been unsucessfull in
that particular persuit.

alcohol, A bunch

I found it at Long’s right next to the Saltpetre.

charcoal, powdered, 2 cups

Water 3 cups

Now do the following:

1. Place alcohol in the bucket.

2. Place potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur in the
sauce pan.
Add one cup water and mix thoroughly with wooden stick until
all ingredients
are dissolved.

3. Add remaining water (two cups) to mixture. Place bucket on
source and stir until small bubbles begin to form. Do NOT
boil mixture. Be sure all mixture
stays wet. If any is dry,
as on sides of pan, it may ignite.

4. Remove bucket
from heat and pour mixture into alcohol while
stirring vigorously.

5. Let alcohol
mixture stand about 5 minutes. Strain mixture
through cloth to obtain black powder. Discard
liquid. Wrap
cloth around black powder and squeeze to remove all excess

6. Place screening over dry bucket. Place workable amount of damp
powder on screen and
granulate by rubbing solid through screen.
If granulated particles appear to stick together
and change
shape, recombine entire batch of powder and repeat steps 5 and

7. Spread granulated powder on flat dry surface so that layer
about .5" (1.25 cm) is
formed. Allow to dry. Use radiator, or
direct sunlight. This should be dried as soon as
preferably in one hour. The longer the drying period, the less
effective the
black powder. Remove from here as soon as
granules are dry. Black powder is now ready for


– Smoke Bomb –


Ok I forget where I read about this one, but god have I
gotten alot
of usage out of it. Really simple and cheap to make, its the most

entertainment you can get out of five dollars.

You’ll need the following ingredients:

Potassium nitrate, granulated 3 cups

See Black Powder for information on
where to get it.

White Sugar, granulated 2 cups

Now do the following:

1. Put all ingredients in the sauce pan.

2. Cook on burner over medium low
heat, higher if nessecary,
but be warned; It burnes EXTREEMLY violently. In testing,
manedged to char my entire kitchen the first time I made
it. Stir it frequently, so it cooks
evenly. Eventually
it will begin to melt, and turn yellow. Continue until
the whole pot
of the stuff is a nice even consistency.
Scoop the whole gooey mess onto alluminum foil, and
put it
in the freezer, or let cool on concrete.

3. Once it is cooled, it will be
hard as granite, and flamible.
If you like, and have a means of doing so, I sugest crushing
it into grains, to acheive higher combustability. To detonate,
simply burn it. It will
begin to melt, then very briefly
brown, then suddenly ignite, and most likly go up in about
seconds per 1 lb block. Once, I wraped it in paper, and twisted
all the excess
into a large stem. It looked like a bulb onion
with its stalk still attatched, but it made a
good fuse for a
moments thought. I suspect that if granulated and confined in
one way
or another, it would make a small explosion. Also, 1
lbs of this can fill up a city block
with thick white smoke.
Best when used indoors, as it pushes up against the ceiling
drips down like fog, till visibility is null and void.


– Napalm –

Ohh I do grow weary of
the endless praise which this particular
recipe receives, but I must admit, it is simple to
produce, and is fun
to spread onto bread before a victim places it in his or her toaster.

You’ll need the following ingredients:

Gassoline, not the high performence

Use desil if you want it to be more combustable.


Computer stores are great places to get large quantities of
this. Out behind where they
dump their boxes? Or I do
belive you can buy the styrofoam penuts at office supply

houses, moving compaines, ect.

Now do the following:

1. In something NOT
MADE OF PLASTIC mix the styrofoam into the
gassoline till it becomes a thick, jelly like
substance. I’ve
heard of variations where the person adds petrolium jelly, and
free to try it. All I know is this works. Do not store
this in plastic, as gassoline eats
through most kinds of it.
Your best bet is a gas can. Once lit this is next to

impossible to put out, and it produces large clouds of toxic
black smoke.


– Thermite –

Thermite! I love thermite. It is the most highly evolved firebomb
I have ever run
across. It turns concrete to paste, and could open a bank
vault door. If you can find the
materials, it is simple to make. Recipie
borowed from Buckethead. I fleshed it out a bit and
supplied aditionall
places to aquire the ingredients.

You’ll need the following

For the thermite:

Iron oxide, powdered 3 cups

This substance is rust. Plain and simple. Unfortunatly,
making large quantites can be costly,
either in the form
of the length of time required to let nature take its course
or the
ammount of electricity required to produce it
artifically. To make it artificially, get a DC
(go to your local Radio Shack, or get one from your cd player)
cut the wires
near the end of the converter, and wrap the
positive wire (they should be labeled) around a
large iron
screw. Place this in a jar of salt water, and then stick the
negative end in
the water as well. Plug it in, and let it
sit. Once you have your rust, fry it in your sauce
pan till
it turns a nice red color. If you don’t feel like going
through the trouble, I
sugest purchasing Iron Oxide from
your average chemical supply house.

powdered 2 cups

Purchase it from a painter’s supply store under the name

alluminum bronzing powder, or file some cans into powder.

For the igniter:

Potassium nitrate, granulated 1 cup

See Black Powder for information on where to get

Magnesium, powdered 1 cup

Sporting goods stores supposidly sell this
in a rod form, but
at my local Sears I found flint and magnesium in the camping

department. You would need 5 or 6 of these at least to get
a cup of the powder out of it, but
it cost $8.50 each to buy.
I manadged to get quite a few on five finger discount. Once

you have these, powder it using a small drill bit, but watch
for the bit becoming too hot and
lighting the magnesium. It
doesn’t burn easily per say, but it does burn like hell fire.

I sugest powdering a small amount and trying to ignite it to
get an idea of how it will

Now do the following:

For the thermite:

1. Place
alluminum powder and iron oxide in a jar. Shake
vigorously until its consistency is unison

For the igniter:

1. Please note that the ratios for the
igniter to thermite
displayed above should be constant. Don’t think you can
get off by
making a small amount of the igniter and a ton
of thermite. It just won’t light. The igniter
must be AT
LEAST 1/3 by volume to the thermite.

2. Place potassium nitrate and
magnesium in a jar. Shake
vigorously until its consistency is unison throughout.

For the detonation:

1. Pour thermite into the botom of a coffee can, and then pour
the ignitor on top of that.

2. Spread a thin layer of napalm over the top of the two
or sprinkle a 1/8th inch thick layer of match heads on the top
of the

3. Elivate the container by means of a paper tube with large
cut in the base (perhaps a container for comet cut in
half or another coffee can), and place
a fuse of your choosing
in the ignitor, making sure it penetrates through to the 2nd

layer (the magnesium + potasium nitrate).

4. Place above target area, and light. Leave
the top uncovered.
I don’t sugest sticking around to watch, as staring directly
thermite as it burns will destroy your retnas. It burns at
something to the tune of 2700 to
5000 degs fahrenheit, and will
quickly liquify carbon steel.


– Ammonium Nitrate –


Lets discuss ammonium nitrate, shall we? This
is really really
nice stuff, and in its pure state it is almost as powerfull as dynomite
detonated alone. Unfortunatly, this is the primary substance used in the
bombing, and hence anyone who goes asking around for it will be met
by nothing less then
shock, contempt, or suspicion at very least.
There are a couple ways to get it. It is, as you
most likley know
if you’ve ever played with the stuff, a fertilizer. I’ve found it sold at
one or two fertilizer places, but the fertilizer grade ammonium nitrate
needs to be treated
in a way that can be tedious and costly. The only reason
to use fertilizer grade ammonium
nitrate, is if you are making a REALLY
REALLY big bomb. Otherwise, I’ve found a different
source that is more
effective. At longs drugs they sell ACE Instant Cold Packs. There are
brands, and they will do nicley, but this is the one I use. On the compress

itself, you should notice some labeling on the back. It might say
THIS PACK" or something to that effect, and below it
should read "Contents: Ammonium
Nitrate and Water".
Well, when your about ready to use your ammonium nitrate in your
bomb, open the packs(two should be MORE then enough for most jobs), and
empty out the
crystals. Try to keep the ammonium nitrate from mixing in with
the water. Then, put it on a
cookie sheet, and bake it at about 200 degs.
You can use a higher temperature, but be warned,
it has a flash point of 400
degs, about. What you are doing here is drying it out. After
about 20 mins
or so in the oven, I sugest treating it with some denatured alchohol, I

explain where this stuff can be found above. What you do is run it over the
ammonium nitrate,
and then stir it around in it gently. Strain it out into
two parts, throw out the denatured
alchohol and dry the ammonium nitrate
again in your sauce pan over low heat. Bolth denaturd
alchohol and ammonium
nitrate will absorb moisture from open air, so do it quickly.

After you take it off the stove, crush it some how, and them either
detonate it there, or mix
it with something and store it in a small air tight
container. We will discuss bombs that can
be made with the treated ammonium
nitrate, but seeing as how its such an interesting compound
I decided to
devote a page or two to it.


– Ammonium Nitrate High
Explosive –

Ok, now that you know how to get and treat ammonium nitrate, lets
talk about making it into
a high explosive. There are many many ways to
do this, and hence I sugest that you play with
it yourself.

You’ll need the following ingredients:

Ammonium nitrate,
powdered, treated 8 cups

See ammonium nitrate above for information on producing

treated ammonium nitrate.

Alluminum, powdered 1/2 cup

See thermite for
information on where to get it.

Fuel Oil, 1 cup

Use 1/2 cup motor oil
mixed with 1/2 cup gassoline for a
substitute if you cant find this. Use desil at your own
risk. It may make the explosion bigger but it also might
make the explosion happen

Now do the following:

1. Mix the fuel oil with the FRESHLY
MADE batch of treated
ammonium nitrate, until the mixture is consistent.

2. Mash
in the alluminum powder.

3. THIS IS A HIGH EXPLOSIVE. We’re NOT talking about
that will blow off your hand, the batch above would likly
reduce a SMALL HOME
to RUBLE! That is if detonated properly.


– An Example Dual Charge High Detonation Velocity
Explosive Device –

The following is a
really nice little bomb I invented with
inspiration from a number of sources, in fact, too
many to name. Its just
to give you an example of a really big bomb.

You’ll need
the following ingredients:

Ammonium nitrate high explosive, 5 cups

ammonium nitrate high explosive

Black powder, 1 cup

See black powder

A bucket

A propane tank

Can be purchased at Long’s for 1.79, or at
Target at 3.50
for two.

Tennis balls, 2

A sheet of cardboard

A extreemly long fuse, or an electric igniter and a 3 short fuses

For what needs
to be done, the best thing may be to twist
three strings together and make a fuse out of
that, so it

Quite a bit of duct tape

Now do the following:

Put the propane tank in the bucket.

2. Place the ammonium nitrate high explosive around
the propane
tank in the bucket.

3. Cut each of the tennis balls in half, and also
cut a slit in
the bottom of each of the halves.

4. Fill three of the halves with
black powder, and wrap the open
halves shut in one or two layers of duct tape. Don’t cover

the slit in the back of the tennis ball halves.

5. Split the fuse into 3 or
attatch the 3 fuse extentions to the
long fuse/electric igniter.

6. Feed the
split fuses into each of the tennis ball halves so
that if lit, the tennis ball halves would
all explode more or
less simultaniously. Scotch tape the fuses into place.

Push each of the halves into the explosive with the back of
each half lightly against the back
of the bucket. Make the open
half point in tward the propane tank, and place them at
intervals around the bucket so they are equi-distant from one
another. See the
diagram below and invision a circle around
each of the three points. Each of the circles is a
tennis ball
half, as this is an ariel veiw.


* *

8. Cut a cardboard circle the size of the top of the bucket. Put
a small hole in the top of
it, and duct tape it to the top,
feeding the fuse through the hole. Duct tape it very
but try to avoid the hole through which the fuse runs.

9. Light the
fuse, place in city hall, and catch a plane.

Another file
downloaded from: NIRVANAnet(tm)

&TOTSE 510/935-5845 Walnut Creek, CA Taipan
Burn This Flag 408/363-9766 San Jose, CA Zardoz
realitycheck 415/648-9489 San
Francisco, CA Poindexter Fortran
Phallicide 408/899-0235 Monterey, CA Reclinerhead

Governed Anarchy 510/226-6656 Fremont, CA Eightball
New Dork Sublime 805/823-1346 Tehachapi,
CA Biffnix
The Ether Room 510/228-1146 Martinez, CA Tiny Little Super Guy
Lies Unlimited
801/278-2699 Salt Lake City, UT Mick Freen
The Shrine 206/793-3465 Monroe, WA Rif Raf

Atomic Books 410/669-4179 Baltimore, MD Baywolf
Sea of Noise 203/886-1441 Norwich, CT Mr.
The Floating Pancreas 305/424-0266 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Majestic Cockster
The Dojo
713/436-1795 Pearland, TX Yojimbo
Frayed Ends of Sanity 503/965-6747 Cloverdale, OR

"Raw Data for Raw Nerves"


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