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Fun with Chemistry (Part III)

* Fun with Chemistry (Part III) *
* written by the Road Warrior *


Remember, it is important to have some
knowledge of the chemicals used
in here to prevent any uneccessary damage to property or


*** Poison Gas ***

Contents: Ammonium Nitrate, Bleach

Carefully pour bleach into a beaker with Ammonium Nitrate.
Collect fumes by placing
plastic bag over beaker where reaction takes place.

Notes: Ammonium Nitrate can be found in most garden stores (farmers
use it).

*** Chloroform ***

Contents: Acetone (Nail Polish Remover), alcohol, powdered

Procedure: Mix either the acetone OR the alcohol with the powdered
and voila!! You now have chloroform.

Notes: Chloroform can be used to render people
unconscious. Be
careful where you store your final product.

Nitroglycerine ***

Contents: Glycerine, Nitric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, Water

Procedure: Make a solution of 40% nitric acid and 60% sulfuric acid.
Add water to this
acid solution. Then, add 1 part glycerine
to every 4 parts acid solution. Let stand for 15

Notes: Glycerine can be found at most drug stores.
Nitroglycerine is a
low-shock explosive. The slightest shock it
undergoes, it will explode. Be extremely careful
with the final
product of this experiment.


There you
have it! Fun with Chemistry Part III.
Thanks to all the dickheads out there I have tested
these on.

the Road Warrior

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