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Mary Jane Flashbacks 1

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Mary Jane (E Version) \–.|\ _ |\\.//| _ /|.–/ Journal of the-

———————– `\–.| \ |\\.//| / |.–/’ Mullers & Packers Union
Editor: Damian
Caynes \—.|\ `|\./|’ /|.—/ ———————–
———————– `~\–.|\ |\./|
/|.–/~ Monash University
Design: Chris Van Graas ~_\ .\ `|.|’ /. /_~ Melbourne – Australia
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ISSUE ZERO – Mary Jane Flashbacks – August 1994



|::|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/|::|
|::| ~~~~~~~~ |::|
|::| Editorial – A brief word from the Info Freako (AKA Damian
Caynes) |::|
|::| About Mullers & Packers Union – All you need to know |::|
Reader’s Survey – Have your say in Mary Jane’s future! |::|
|::| Contacts – Like-minded people
|::| Bathtime for Billy – Give your smokin’ pal a wash! |::|
|::| Cannabis – How
much do we know? How little do we know? |::|
|::| Quotable Quotes – Clever comments |::|

|::| Recipes… with Raj – Cookin’ with the happiest of herbs… |::|
|::| Coping with a Bust
– What to do if you’re unlucky |::|
|::| Mullers Market Stall – Cheap bongs! |::|
Newsflash – Drug deals go metric! |::|
|::| Enrol to Vote – Exercise your personal power
|::| Smoother Smoke – How to get the most from your bong |::|
|::| What we want –
Legalisation |::|
|::| Smokin’ Slang – Can you talk the talk? |::|
|::| Sinsemilla Tips
– How to grow a High Times centerfold! |::|
|::| Busted – A tale of one muller’s brush with
the law |::|
|::| Happy Cookies – Druidic munchies! |::|
|::| Are you a criminal? –
Marijuana law in Victoria |::|
|::| Submissions – Get writin’ now! |::|




Greetings net newbies, netsurfers, zippies, hippies, yuppies (scum),

cyberpunks, activists, digital gurus, stoners…

Welcome to the first internet release
of Mary Jane!

The two biggest media trends lately, if you’ve been in a cave for the
past few
years, are the "Information Superhighway" and Prohibition.

mass media prophesise that the "Information Superhighway" will change
society as we
know it. Video communications, shopping from home, working
from home, even socialising from
home! It’s the wet-dream of the couch
potatoes of the world – EVERYTHING by remote control!

What the mass media often fails to mention, however, is the existence of
such a
"superhighway" today. Most of you reading this will already have
experienced this
information overload, the Internet.

The anarchistic flow of information on the ‘net is
far from the linear
highway portrayed by the media. If you’ve followed the hype behind the
it probably sounds more like an MTV cultural takeover.

Fortunately for
us, and unfortunately for those who wish to control the masses,
the chaotic nature of the ‘net
allows subersive information to roam free. From
anarchy to zen, there’s no censorship here.

It is the power of the ‘net that has allowed Mary Jane the transition between
anti-prohibitionist university newsletter and a worldwide forum for issues
regarding the
ending of prohibition! (hype, what hype?)

The paper version will continue to be
produced with articles from both ‘zines
being shared. Local and international blended, there
are no borders on the

This zeroeth issue of Mary Jane is a compilation
of articles from previous
journals. The editors and contributors must be thanked for their
this ‘zine would not exist without it.

From here on, we hope to get
as much feedback as possible from the ‘net
community. If you have something to say, leap out
of that smokey closet and
share your inspiration with the world.

Toke huge
lungfuls of creativity and get writin’! Send anything at all that
streams through your
consciousness relating to the holy happy herb. Get
writin’, get ACTIVE!

remember… Just say KNOW to drugs!



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/~
About Mullers
& Packers Union

The Monash Mullers & Packers Union is a club based at the
Clayton campus of
Monash Uni. It is the largest club of this type in Victoria.

The club spans many roles – we aim to be an active social club, a lifestyle
club whilst
always working and lobbying to achieve changes to current drug
prohibition laws.

We will soon be producing our own range of hemp products, manufactured by
Slaam! streetwear.
These products will be sold through our stalls and
mail-order distribution.

more info on the club write to us
c/- Monash University, Clayton, 3168, Victoria,
phone via Clubs & Societies on (61 3) 905-4159.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/~
Reader’s Survey!

Have your say in what goes
into this luvurly piece of electronic literary herb
worship. Use your fundamental right and

Send your completed survey by anonymous e-mail to freako@suburbia.apana.org.au

(Edit this survey file and send it to us, placing an "o" before your



o Yes

1) What would you like
to read in Mary Jane?
Usage information
Growing tips
Cannabis history and information
Legal issues and help
Health issues

Humourous smoking stories
Information on other drugs
Alternative living
your own suggestions…

2) Would you be willing to contribute to the

Induvidual Section – Anonymous and non-compulsory

3) Age

4) Do you partake
in the usage of the happiest of herbs, marijuana?
Hell yeah! Pass the bong mon…
o’ that stuff, gimme a beeeeeer!

5) If not, why not? (then go to question 9)

6) How often do you take a toke?
Can’t answer now, packing a cone man…
Every time I finish a toke
Every day
Every two days
Every week
Once a month or more

7) Which do you smoke more often?


8) What do you usually mix your herb with?
Peppermint (oh, that toothpastey tastey!)
Herbal mixes
I don’t mix the
herb, mon

9) Have you ever eaten the sweet leaf?
I use it instead of oregano!
Meadow Lea Cannabutter – you oughta be, congratulated!
Don’t know how to cook it

Wastes too much herb

10) Do you think that cannabis use should be decriminalised (as in
SA) or

11) Please
explain your answer

12) Do you think that industrial hemp should be legally
Don’t know

13) Why?



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/~
– Contacts for
Other Groups –

Australian Marijuana Party/CANNABIS NEWS
1 Speewah Rd, Freedom
Kuranda, QLD
Contact: Steve Dimitriou

Parliamentary Group for Drug Law Reform
GPO Box 1020, Canberra ACT 2601
Ph. (06)
2050166, Fax (06)2050431
Spokesperson: Michael Moore MLA

Hemp for Paper
C/- Harmsens
430 Tinderbox Rd, Tinderbox
Tas. 7054
Ph: (002)

BIO-Logical Products
PO Box 768, Potts Point
NSW 2011
Fax (02)

Nimbin HEMP
PO Box 177
Nimbin NSW 2480

PO Box 332, Albert St
Brisbane 4002
Ph: (07) 8447499

Australian HEMP
PO Box 7013, Adelaide SA 5000
Ph. (08) 2124222, Fax: (08) 2124254

Contact: David Sag, James Dannenberg

West Australian NORML
PO Box 907

Morley WA 6062
Contact: Carl Turney

Do you want your group advertised here?

E-mail freako@suburbia.apana.org.au with your details!



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/~

Hey to all you pipers!

There comes a time when your ganjed up Bong
needs to drop it’s dirty hippy
facade and clean up its act! After heavy usage your bong
becomes blocked and
down-right dirty, and you find that pulling pipes becomes a bit lethal on
lungs. To prevent this your billy needs a regular soak and scrub.

There are
no hard and fast rules on how this should be done. Many people use
really whacked-up cleaning
products like Nappy-san, False Teeth Cleaner and
even Coca- Cola. Whist I would not subject my
billy to this kind of cleaning
frenzy, many crazy pipers do!

There are various
cleaning products which will keep your billy’s anatomy in
smooth smoking form. To give you an
idea, "Pipe Fresh" available from both
"Off Ya Tree" and "Smoke
Dreams". It’s about $5.00 for a 250ml bottle and it’s
fairly awesome stuff. This along
with a few bottle brushes helps keep a squeaky
clean pipe. However I find water and a low foam
detergent like "Down To Earth"
or "Pure Velvet Soap" work just as
effectively. Not only is this better for our
fragile globe, but it doesn’t leave a bizarre
collection of chemicals you will
probably inhale later.

Here’s a step by step
guide for bathing billy:-

1. Remove the stem, Cone and Rubber Grommet.
2. Place
Billy under a running tap to clean the initial shit out.
3. Place Billy in hot water and the
cleaner you have chosen, let it splash
around for a while, perhaps an hour.
4. Whilst
Billy is soaking take time to inspect your stem and cone. Sometimes if
Billy hasn’t been
cleaned for a while the cone, drop in or screw on, can
become stuck due to stash build up. If
it is a drop cone, soak it in hot
water, if it’s screw on you’ll have to use more forceful
methods, like plyers
to get it unstuck. Clean the cone with a thick sewing needle and
water. The stem is best cleaned with pipe cleaners and hot water. After you
cleaned them make especially sure the cone is dry otherwise later it
could cause the stash to
get damp, and you may have trouble lighting it.
5. Billy is now clean, put it back together.
I’m sure I don’t need to tell you
what happens next.

If you’re pulling pipes
through a fairly blocked bong, your lungs can fuck up
and smoking it can be a damn bastard. So
it is worthwhile to keep your pipe in a
fairly anti-crap state so that every pipe will take
you to oblivion and back on
a mind blowing thought wave journey.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/~

How much do we know? How little do we know?

Cannabis Sativa is a very abundant,
unusually economically valuable plant,
possibly a dangerous plant, certainly in many ways a
mysterious plant. It has
served humans long and well as a source of fibre from its stem; of
oil from its
seeds, of a psychedelic drug from its resin.

Cannabis is one of
humankind’s oldest useful cultivation plants. Knowledge of
it’s use by our ancestors goes back
at least 6000 years, and obviously people
valued it:-

*Archaeological hemp
specimens have been found in an Egyptian site of
3000 to 4000 years of age.

*Chinese tradition dates cannabis use back approximately 4800 yrs when
Emperor Sheen-Nung is
credited with teaching his people to cultivate
the plant for fibre.

*The Indian
medical writings, especially the Susrita; complied before
1000 BC report therapeutic use of
cannabis resin. The nature of some
of the vernacular names in India, indicates its narcotic
properties were
appreciated in early Hindu writing.

These are a small sample of
findings of cannabis usage in the history of

Hemp’s diversity and
usefulness in traditional cultures is ignored by single
interest groups, as they are effected
by only one aspect (say paper or tobacco)
and have a one-sided view driven by greed. This
wonderful plant used by some
minorities is then a tool against them, by a heavy duty run amok
police state.

The negative way of viewing cannabis – as only a drug – has slowed the
technological advances coming from this plant, begun by our forebears. With

today’s technology Cannabis Sativa has the potential to produce many useful
products. Studies
of cannabis and its derivatives are of great benefit and
significance to humans, for reasons
including it’s effect on his/her life and
social evolution, it’s stature, it’s structure, it’s
place, it’s life as a

These are all important, and without a clear
comprehension of them we flounder
and are lost. We Mullers should look at these aspects of
this weedy organism
for the future of the hemp industry, for its return rather than keeping
one of
our oldest multi-economical plants in the dark.




~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/~


"When injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty"

"To think that a man should be allowed a gun and not a drug"

Alexander Trocchi.

o Genesis 1:29 "…And God said, Behold I have given you every
herb bearing
seed which is upon the face of all the Earth: to you it shall be for


"To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under
heaven. A
time to be born, a time to die, a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that

which is planted"
Ecclestiastes 3:1-2

"The greatest service that can be
rendered to any country is to add a useful
plant to its culture"

"Make the most of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere"

George Washington.

"To be Just without being mad (and the madder you get, the
madder you get), to
be peaceful without being stupid, to be interested without being
to be happy without being hysterical…..smoke grass!"
Ken Kesey.

"The two Commandments for the Molecular Age:
1. Thou shalt not alter the
consciousness of thy fellow men.
2. Thou shalt not prevent thy fellow man from altering his
Tim Leary

"The lethal dose of Cannabis is a 2
kilo block dropped on your head from the
twenty-fifth floor of a high-rise building"

"I didn’t like it and I didn’t inhale and I never tried it again"
Clinton 1992

"Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging
to an
individual than the drug itself"
Jimmy Carter, 1977

get our heads together and build a movement to end prohibition and get on
with saving the

Statistics on deaths from various drugs:
"Of an
estimated 25,495 Australian deaths caused by drug use in 1987, 71% were
attributable to
tobacco and 26% to alcohol only 323 deaths (1%) were
attributable to opiates, the remainder
arising from other drugs.

What is even more striking is that not a single death was
attributable to
Cannabis use alone"
(H.E.M.P – Dept. of community services and
health 1989. Statistics on drug
use in Australia 1989, table 49 p. 36)



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/~
Recipes… with

There are many good reasons for eating marijuana, both physiological and


Before you consider trying to eat grass, it must be thoroughly cleaned.
and seeds must be picked out or the pot run through a sieve several times. It
important to clean very very thoroughly since the idea is to disguise the
taste and texture as
much as possible. A blender can make cleaning more
efficient. Whip it into powder as fine as

Before you add marijuana to any recipe, you should fry it a little longer.
softens it and makes it more palatable.



2 Cups sugar 1/2 Cup nuts
2 Cups flour 3 teaspoons soda
1/2 teaspoon of
allspice 1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 1/2 Cups oil 4 eggs
3 Cups grated carrot 1/2 Cup pot

Directions :

Combine ingredients and bake at 325 degrees for 45 minutes


Ingredients :

8 ounces cream cheese 1 lb. castor sugar
1 cube of butter 1 teaspoon vanilla

Directions :

Cream ingredients
together until smooth. This makes enough for two cakes.


Buy a
pizza base. The more stuff you put on the pizza, the better it will be.
Make a sauce out of
tomato paste/bolognese sauce. Add herbs, parsely, 1/2 cup of
diced onion, 1/4 cup of green
pepper. Simmer ingredients. Some suggestions for
toppings-cheese, mushrooms capsicum, egg,
tomato, pineapple, pine nuts, eggplant
etc etc etc.

Sprinkle the mull in between
the ingredients and the tomato sauce. Use about 1/3
of a cup. Put all ingredients on except
for the cheese and cook for 15 mins at
approx 200 degrees celcius. Then take it out, pile on
the cheese and bake for
another 5-10 minutes.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/~

In Victoria, the possession of less than 50g of pot does not incur a conviction
or even a fine unless there are special circumstances. Use and cultivation are
still likely
to get you both, however. Obviously, the aim is to make sure there
is no evidence to prove
use, cultivation, or trafficking. The golden rule is, of
TALKED TO A LAWYER. The following is some
advice that is meant as a guide only, and legal
advice is recommended if you are
charged with anything.


Never keep anything in your own room, and never tell the coppers who lives in
room, who owns the house or holds the lease, or even who pays the rent.
They have to prove a
connection (to knowingly possess or cultivate) between you
and any pot found. If they know its
your room, you’re gone. Similarly, if you
own the house or hold the lease you may be risking a
charge of permitting the
place to be used for the smoking of marijuana.

pot, bongs and plants in communal areas of the house, and never admit to
knowing it was there
or that you even know what it is.


NOTHING. You are obliged to
state your name and address if charged but do not
have to answer any other questions, and it
is advised that you don’t until
you’ve talked to a lawyer.

BE CAREFUL. The Police
are experts at extracting information from unwilling
persons and anything you say WILL be used
against you. There is no such thing as
an off-the-record conversation.


Do not identify anything as marijuana, even if it was found in your
pocket. It
is essential for the charge of possession that you know that the substance is

marijuana (or think that it is).


Use is an offence for which a confession is practically the only way a
conviction can be
recorded (unless you are caught in the act). Don’t admit to
owning a bong or even that you
know what it is.


The Police have the power to either
arrest you or to report you and send a
summons, once they decide to charge you with l. If you
are in a situation where bail is needed then contact a lawyer
immediately. They will present
the best case for bail and it should be granted
on more favourable conditions.


The Police have limited powers of search although in practice these seem to
very flexible. If you are not under arrest they need

1) a warrant to search
you or your home, or
2) reasonable cause to suspect a breach of the marijuana laws.

So always ask to see their search warrant or ask their grounds for suspecting
you. Once
arrested they have the power to strip search you.


If you have
been physically abused or have had property damaged by the Police
take immediate action.
Complain in detail to the most senior cop you can find
and then seek legal advice. Any delay
will decrease your chances of redress.

Hopefully none of you will need this advice but
if you do I hope it is in some
way helpful. Always remember, seek legal advice if it looks
like you are going
to be charged with something serious, and don’t answer any questions, no
how innocent they may seem.

The best way to avoid a bust of course is to
get these ridiculous laws changed
(thought I was going to say stop smoking didn’t you, FAT



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/~

Market Stall

: Every Thursday (& some
Fridays) :
: Monash University Clayton :
: :
: (10% Discount for Mullers Members)
Bongs, T-shirts, paraphernalia and accessories,
at the cheapest
prices in Melbourne ( probably Australia !! )

Open every Thursday
from 8.30a.m. to 3.30p.m.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/~


From the first of January next year, all drug deals will be
according to a new metric system, a key Mafia figure said yesterday.

"The old ounces and pounds system was just a nightmare for our accountants.
We were
forever losing the three ounces left over when a kilo is split into
two pounds, and the
younger members of the family could never come to terms
with multiples of 16, 28, 35 etc. It
is time for a change." said Don

The new system will be as
follows :-

– ounces will be replaced by a new 25g bag that will probably be known as

– half-pounds and pounds will be replaced by quarter and half kilos,
which will
contain 10 and 20 smounces respectively.

– kilos remain the same but
now contain 40 smounces, instead of the confusing 2
pound, three ounces.

pressed on what would happen to the average smoker’s favourite – the
quarter ounce, the Don
was cautious when he said that it would be replaced by a
fifth of a smounce (5g), assuring
that all prices would be adjusted accordingly.




~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/~
There is absolutely no excuse for not being enrolled to vote. Even
those on the
run can register using a friend or relatives address. Contrary to popular

belief, you will not be fined for all the elections you’ve missed since turning
18 when you go
to enrol, nor is it very likely you will ever be fined for forgetting
to vote once you’ve
registered. They do send a penalty notice, if you don’t
vote, but it certainly doesn’t require
a genius to come up with an excuse to get
out of it, as the legitimacy of compulsory voting is

Believe it or not, your vote does count, more so at the next election,
there will be a viable option for the smoking voter.

Enrolling to vote is
very simple, the form is available at every post office
absolutely free of charge. The sooner
the better, the only way to influence
today’s politicians is by threatening (in large numbers)
to vote for the other
side. Too many smokers (and young people in general) just don’t bother
to vote,
the politicians know this, and ignore us. Enrol to vote and prepare to send a

message to the government at the next election – Prohibition MUST END!



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/~

The most popular way to smoke marijuana in Australia is the water pipe. As

these smoking implements have no instruction manuals, many people endure a harsh
smoke when
much smoother is possible.

Commonly known as a bong or billy, water pipes are used to
filter the smoke. Due
to this filtering method there are several simple ways to enhance the
of your toking:

1) Large chamber. The water in the chamber allows for
filtering of the smoke.
The more water, the better the filtering.

2) Shotty. This
is a hole in the pipe covered while inhaling the smoke. It is
then uncovered to ease the
pulling of any remaining stale smoke.

3) Temperature of the water. There are two
extremes for water temperature. Ice
water will cool the smoke, thus making it much easier to
inhale. Hot or
boiling water moisturises the smoke with the vapors, smoothing out the

harshness. It is not advisable to use extreme temperatures in rigid plastic
water pipes as
they may crack.

4) Alternative liquids. Some people like to experiment with
Flavoured cordials and jellies are the most popular options.

Multiple chambers. This allows for even more extensive filtering. A small
chamber filled with
ice water, attached to a larger chamber filled with hot
water has been found to be the best
combination. The end product is a smoke
so cool and moist that it is barely noticeable.

6) The bio-chamber. Commonly called "shot-gunning", this method involves

exhaling the smoke into another person’s mouth. The smoke is almost
unnoticeable for the
recipient. "Shot-gunning" can be an intimate form of
cannabis use and should only be
practiced between consenting individuals.

7) Don’t overfill the chamber. Having the
bong spit in your mouth is one of the
worst experiences possible when using marijuana. Test
the water level by
pulling the bong with an empty cone.

8) Keep your bong clean!
There’s nothing worse than a smelly bong, and germs can
thrive in such a moist environment.
Keep it clear of resin build up, a
blocked bong can be hell.

It’s generally best
to experiment with your water pipe. Find the setup that is
most comfortable and look forward
to smooth tokin’!



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \/~

Mullers, the time has come for ACTION! I see a number of articles in the
of Mary Jane and Lot’s Wife on WHY possession, cultivation and use of Indian
should be legalised, but I think everyone who reads them already knows.
The people we really
need to convince are the general public. Once politicians
think that they are more likely to
be voted in if they support marijuana reform,
they will almost certainly follow and get rid of
those ridiculous laws.

People who oppose marijuana legalisation often see us as ‘the
enemy’. For this
reason, protest rallies and the like are not the way to go. The way to
them is to present our case in a way that does not insult too much (ignorant as

they are). To this end, I think we should aim for reasoned media coverage, of
the sort that
mis-informed people would be exposed to (ie not Mary Jane and
Lot’s Wife!). We should be
writing letters to newspapers, from the big ones like
The Age for mass coverage, and also the
smaller local papers, who are more
likely to print your letters! As a means for converting
those opposed to
marijuana for it’s psychedelic effects, I would suggest emphasising the
for legalisation which are more related to it’s commercial value. The rest of

this article will summarise the main points as accurately as possible, for you
people to put
in your letters.

o Until 1938, when it was made illegal in the United States, hemp was
principle fibre of the world. Over 5000 things were made from it, including

virtually all of the world’s canvas (the Dutch pronunciation of ‘Cannabis’),
rope, sailcloth,
linen, rope, etc. It’s oil was used in most paints and also
as a lighting fuel.

o In 1938, a machine called the decorticator was invented. This machine stripped
the fibrous
parts of the hemp plant, eliminating the extremely labour-
intensive practice of picking by
hand. This looked like opening the way for
hemp as a paper making material, which had
previously only been used for
applications where hemp’s superior quality and durability were
(including two drafts of the American Constitution). For DuPont, this process

would have spelled disaster since they had just invested millions in a timber
paper-making process. To counteract this, a very high ranking official
in the DuPont Chemical
Company named William Hearst began a media campaign
in his own chain of newspapers. He
referred to hemp as marijuana, which had
two effects: firstly it made the (generally racist)
population associate the
plant with Mexicans, known by the public by the time as an amoral,
group. Secondly, it had the effect of making the public think that marijuana

and hemp were two different things, thus removing most of the opposition to
the Marijuana Tax
Act, the first step in hemp prohibition. In summary,
prohibition was a result of vested
interests in an environmentally inferior
(more of that later) process, brought about through
racist slurs and

o Hemp is the world’s fastest producer of
biomass – 10 tons in about 120 days,
over a single acre. This makes it a prime candidate for
alternative energy
production. It is estimated that if just 6% of the United States was
with hemp, ALL of the country’s oil and gas needs would be met. Moreover,

whilst biomass fuel is burnt, releasing carbon dioxide, the carbon is
originally extracted
from the air by the hemp plant anyway, unlike fossil
fuels. Charcoal produced from biomass
processes, which would be used to
substitute coal in power stations, is virtually free of
other chemicals
such as sulphur, which reacts in the burning process ultimately to produce

acid rain. Biomass fuels are a 100% renewable resource, effectively a form
of solar
power. And of course, hemp is a lot cheaper to make than solar cells!

o Trials before
prohibition showed that hemp crops yielded on average 4.1 times
the mass of paper of a field
of trees of the same size, in a given period of
time. In addition, a more constant supply is
assured with hemp since a given
plant is planted, grown and harvested in a single season,
compared to trees
which can take decades to reach maturity. The hemp paper-making process is

also more environmentally friendly, hemp paper containing no dioxins or other

o Hemp yields twice as much fibre for fabric per acre than cotton and flax.
fabric is very versatile, and can be woven to be extremely strong, or
fine. It is believed by many to be superior to all other natural
fibres. Synthetic fabrics
such as polyester and rayon are made from fossil
fuels, which we all know are a rapidly
dwindling resource. Hemp not only
preserves this resource, but helps counteract the
greenhouse effect produced
primarily from the burning of fossil fuels.

Marijuana could play a role as a safe nausea suppressant in a prohibition-
free society.
Already some physicians are recommending cannabis use to
patients undergoing drug treatments
such as chemo-therapy (for cancer) and
AZT (for AIDS) to counteract the terrible nausea
associated with them.
Doctors are also suggesting marijuana to victims of muscle-spasm
such as glaucoma and Multiple-Sclerosis.



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The marijuana smoking subculture has a language of it’s own.

you talk the talk?

Bong, Billy: Water pipe.
Brekky Bong: To smoke upon waking.
Bucket Bong: Water pipe made from a bucket and plastic bottle.
Bust: To be discovered
and/or prosecuted as a cannabis user.
Cone, Bowl: The part of the smoking implement that
contains the herb.
Crud Hash: Resin collected from the stem of a smoking implement.

Deal: A cannabis purchase.
Dope: Cannabis.
Downer: Bad vibe, leader of the Liberal
Dry Horrors: When the mouth and throat become irritably dry.
Dutch Oven, Dutchie:
An enclosed area filled with cannabis smoke.
Foil: A cannabis purchase wrapped in foil, 2 to 4
G: A gram of cannabis.
Ganja, Grass, Green: Cannabis.
Half: Half an
Hash: A potent form of cannabis made from the resin.
Happy Herb: Cannabis.

High, Stoned, Wasted: One who is inebriated from smoking cannabis.
J, Joint: A cannabis
Kiff: Usually what is left after the plant has been harvested.
Mexican slang for the potent cannabis plant.
Mix: A combination of cannabis and another
Mull: To chop up one’s cannabis for easier packing.
Munchies: To become hungry
while stoned, usually for snack foods.
Pack: To fill the smoking implement with cannabis.
Packer: One who packs cones.
Pipe: A small smoking implement.
Pot: Cannabis.

Pull: To suck on a smoking implement.
Q: A quarter ounce of cannabis.
Roach: The butt of
a cannabis cigarette.
Score: To obtain any quantity of cannabis.
Shotty: Small hole
through which the stale smoke is pulled.
Shot Gunning: To exhale smoke into another’s
Sinse: Sinsemella, potent cannabis from an unfertilized female plant.
Extremely potent strain of cannabis.
Smoke: Cannabis.
Stash: One’s personal store of
Stoner: A person that enjoys smoking cannabis.
Toke: To inhale cannabis
Tripper: One who is extremely bizarre.
Vibe: Feeling or mood.
Vols: To
become paranoid about the volume of one’s voice.
Wacky Weed: Cannabis.



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The planet earth has just passed the equinox which means the days are now

becoming shorter and the nights longer. A very important time in the lives
of happy growers.
The plants life-cycle undergoes major changes as the grower watches with
patient anticipation.
This is a short but concise account of the critical
time for the harvesting muller. What to
look for, when to pick, and how to
prepare the buds; so they look great, smell delicious and
smoke you into
fantasy land!!!

The cannabis plant regulates it’s growth and
flowering stages by measuring
changes in the number of hours of uninterrupted darkness to
determine when
to flower. The plant produces a hormone (phytochrome) beginning at

germination. When this chemical builds up to a critical level, the plant
changes it’s mode
from vegetative growth to flowering. Male plants flower
before the female. The male plants
should be removed to stop any
fertilisation occuring. A grower wants sinsemilla buds.

An unfertilised plant will continue to produce new flowers. The buds get
thick with the
unfertilised flowers over a period of several weeks. The
flowering patterns begin to change,
the stigmas begin to wither and change
colour. Next the ovaries begin to swell, however it’s
only a false
pregnancy. Here the glands begin filling up with canniboids. Usually the

heads will seem as though they will burst, showing the last stage of
flowering. As soon as the
heads show any amber shade they should be
harvested, otherwise the THC will begin to degrade
into two other
canniboids (CBL & CBN).

THC is the ingredient which is
PSYCHOACTIVE!!! The other two are it’s
precursors, which often leave the smoker feeling
disoriented, sleepy,
drugged, and/or confused. The goal is to allow the plants to reach
full potential, that is to obtain the highest amount of mind blowing

When a bud is picked, many of it’s metabolic processes continue for a

while. The cell begins to convert carbohydrates back to sugars and break
down some of the
pigments. Chlorophyll is one of the pigments affected.
Buds will appear a lighter green than
when first picked. Some of the other
pigments break down to give the bud a red-purple or cream
colour. The crop
needs to be dried slowly so that moisture remains in the cells to continue
the life processes.

Since all of the vegitation is contributing moisture to the
ventilation is essential to prevent mould forming. While the plants are
drying, the
large leaves can be removed. It is harder and takes longer to
manicure when the plants are
wet. To manicure the budding area, large sun
leaves present are removed. The buds should now
appear almost naked, except
for some single fingered leaves sticking out from between the
flowers. To
enhance appearance these leaves can be clipped to the circumference of the

flower. Sun leaves are unsuitable for smoking, however they are useful for
cooking, brewing or
extracting the THC to make HASH or HASH OIL.


Marijuana prohibition was initiated because of the
people who smoke it. The
laws continue in effect today for those same reasons. Politicians do
like people who think for themselves, are independant and who recognise
They would prefer for each citizen to become a subject; a ward of
the state, who is dependant
on the government for making his/her life
decisions. Gunja tends to let us develop different
set perceptions, to see
the world a little differently, to change not only what we think, but
how we
think. This is what scares the regulators.

Go forth and multiply

Have a MARY season

Raj – Profound Member

:For a more detailed outline on
marijuana, refer to:
CLARKE, R.C. (1981) Marijuana Botany, And/Or Press, Berkely,

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Every smoker’s worst nightmare – a run in with the police. During February
I had my
first encounter with "The Heat" and I found it very educational.

The story
goes a little like this. It was 2am on a Saturday morning and I
was walking down Rathdown
street. That night I had gone to a friend’s place
for dinner and we had had a smoke.

So it was that I found myself walking back to the house I was staying at,
bent as a banana
and generally feeling pretty groovy. I had a briefcase
that contained my smoking equipment
(all manner of bongs, cones, stokers,
papers, toys, etc.) when I saw a police car pull over in
front of me.

Immediately my mind went into paranoia overload but I thought – Hey,
is cool, they just want my name and address, just be cool and everything
will be
cool (seriously, this is how I was thinking).

Being cool, relaxed and generally
"with it" I approached the car and
exhanged a few greetings. The car held a
policeman and policewoman who gave
me a few questions; Who are you? Where do you live? Got any
I.D.? Where are
you going? etc.

Everything was going really well until they asked
"What’s in the

"Just some papers and stuff"

"Can we have a look inside?"

A pregnant pause followed after which I
replied, "Uhh… I’ll have to
unlock it".


Damn! Now I was in the shit. As I fiddled with the combination I ran
through the various
consequences of a trip down to the station and felt
pretty sorry for myself. To add a touch of
drama to the situation I added a,
"Da-Dah!" when the case sprung open.

Soon the case was on the bonnet and I was being patted down. "Wow tense," I
"this is like T.V."

The two officers seemed to be impressed with my
collection of
paraphernalia. They asked me what the going price on the street was and I

said I really didn’t know and spun some shit story about having friends of
friends who grew. A
piece of comic relief came when they found I was
reading "Getting Busted".

When it all boiled down I didn’t have any dope (we’d smoked the last of it
that night) and
the police let me go. The impression I got was that they
had discounted me as a harmless hippy
and the fact that I wasn’t carrying a
knife or anything probably helped a lot.

The encounter has forced me to change my attitude towards the police. I
had read several texts
on what to do when stopped by the police, and had
actually done all the wrong things. The
recommended thing to do when
stopped by the police is to just not tell them anything, as is
your right.
In fact many of the articles encourage one not to even talk to the police.

However in my situation I was courteous and didn’t give them any shit. They
were just
two people doing their job. From this experience I have concluded
that police are only
dangerous if you piss them off. One must remember that
the particularly belligerent police may
get pissed off just because you
look strange, but there you go. I recommend that you make
their job easier
without compromising yourself (if you are arrested everything you say will
be used against you). However if you are arrested then don’t say anything
until you see a

If you get hassled by the police then do everything you can to avoid
but if you are arrested make sure you don’t reveal anything you shouldn’t
anything more than your name and address) and take everything
incredibly seriously.

Finally remember the police are people too. They may think you’re a no good
pot head, but
it’s worth your while not to make them see you as an opponent
or actually hate you.


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Once upon a time in a seaside suburb far, far away, a young Druid decided
to make some magic cookies for some of his friends.

He firstly took some magic
leaves from a special plant that only grows in
cupboards with intensive lights, and chopped
them up extremely finely
until he had 1/2 – 1/3 cup.

He then took 100g of butter
and put it in a container with the chopped
leaves. Being a technologically advanced pagan, he
then placed this in the
microwave for 2-2.5 minutes (until the butter had melted through

If a microwave was not available, he would have used the
traditional method
of using a saucepan of boiling water with a bowl containing the goodies
sitting on top. He would then leave this for approximately 10 minutes.

He then added
1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup sugar. Some cooking chocolate was
then melted and added to the
mixture, along with 2 eggs and some vanilla
essence. He even decided to add some chopped nuts
for a bit of variety.

This magic mix was then shaped into small cookies, and ritually
baked at
300 degrees F for 20-25 minutes.

Other Druids partaking of these magic
cookies saw bizarre visions, and some
even celebrated by showing everyone the contents of
their stomachs. The
moral of this story… MODERATION.

A lovely cake (or cup
cakes) can be created by using a packet mix and
adding the butter/mull mix. Cook as per
directions on the box. I have
personally had a great deal of success using this method.

By M. Gonad



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In light of a recent debate concerning the possible decriminalisation of
marijuana in states like Queensland, it is important to remain aware of the
drug-related offences operational in Victoria. This may not be the
most entertaining read of
the paper, but I felt it was crucial to explain
in formal terms the legalities of what is for
many, a recreational past-

This article outlines the major offences dealing
with marijuana;
possession, use, cultivation, trafficking and conspiracy. It is a brief and
largely simplified version of complicated legislative and common laws. It
does not
encompass the detailed developments in these laws, and any person
charged with a drug-related
offence should seek legal advice.


According to Fitzroy Legal
Service, possession is the most common offence.
As determined by a High Court decision,
possession is defined as ‘having
physical control or custody of the drug to the exclusion of
others not
acting with the person. The prosecution must prove knowledge by the person
the presence of the drug and an intention by the person to possess the
drug." Under state
law, mostly contained in the Drugs, Poisons and
Controlled Substances Act 1981 as amended, a
person is said to be in
possession of drugs which are:

(1) Upon any land occupied
by the person;
(2) Upon any premises occupied by the person;or
(3) Used, enjoyed or
controlled by the person in any place whatsoever,
unless the person satisfies the court to the

Legally, a person is deemed to be occupying premises if he/she has control
enough to exclude others, although just using a place is usually
insufficient. Basically
this means that if you are found occupying a place
in which an illegal drug is found also, you
are guilty of possession unless
it can be proved otherwise – ie. if you did not know the drug
was there, or
if you did know, did not intend to possess it.


Penalties vary according to the quantity and the purpose of possession. The
severity also
depends on whether the matter is heard as a summary or
indictable offence. It is common for
most cases to be heard summarily in
the Magistrates Court.

A ‘small quantity’ of
cannabis is fifty grams. The penalty for possessing a
small quantity not related to
trafficking is a $5,000 fine and/or
imprisonment for three years. Paradoxically, if the matter
is heard as an
indictable offence, the fine is only $500 and no imprisionment, yet this

would involve taking the case to a higher (and more expensive) court which
Legal Aid does not

However, a recent amendment of section 76 of the Drugs, Poisons and

Controlled Substances Act 1981 (Vic) provides that under certain
conditions, such as previous
record and the defendant’s character, the
Magistrate must consider an adjourned good behaviour
bond, which means no
conviction is recorded and no penalty (except maybe a contribution to
court fund). This section indicates the willingness of the legislature to
areas of drug laws which are considered unjustifiably severe.


To ‘use’
marijuana is a summary offence, with much more lenient penalties
than for the use of other
drugs. ‘Use’ is defined under the above Act as
including smoking, inhaling the fumes of, or
introducing a drug into a
person’s body.


The penalty for
using cannabis is five hundred dollars and a bond is possible.
The use of other drugs (for
example LSD, amphetamines) incurs a possible one
year jail term and a fine of $3000.


It is prohibited to cultivate a narcotic plant – these plants being
cannabis, opium poppy and coca plant. Under the Drugs Act, to ‘cultivate’
includes to –

(a) Sow a seed of a narcotic plant;or
(b) Plant, grow, tend, nurture or harvest a
narcotic plant.

The legal test for cultivation is stringent, one single act constitutes
offence, so to water a plant or to nurture one leaf is sufficient to be
caught for

The only defence allowed for in the Act is where the person charged
cultivation can satisfy the court on the balance of probabilities that,
regard to all the circumstances (including his/her conduct) in which
the alleged offence
arose, he/she did not know or suspect and could not
have reasonably been expected to have
known, that the narcotic plant was a
narcotic plant.


Where it can be proved that the cultivation was not intended for any
purpose related to
trafficking, the person is liable to a fine of not more
than $2000 and/or to imprisonment for
up to one year. In any other case,
the fine is up to $100,000 and/or imprisonment for up to
fifteen years.

The major problem with being charged with the offence of cultivation
that according to the law, a person who cultivates the trafficable quantity
is held,
prima facie (on the surface), to be intending to deal. Thus, the
onus is on the person to
prove they are not guilty of dealing. The second
problem is that the average mature plant
generally satisfies the quantity
required to be charged with trafficking.

It is
therefore likely that a person found guilty of cultivation will also
be guilty of trafficking
and possession, although a person cannot be
punished twice for the same offence.

The primary defence wou

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