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Master Anarchists Giving Illicit Knowledge 1

Master Anarchists Giving Illicit Knowledge
February 11, 1993

Issue 1, Volume 1

In This Issue
<1> FTP & Telnet Sites (-Chaos-)
<2> MAGIK Overview (-Electric Vampyre-)
<3> Where To Obtain Printed H/P Magazines (-Chaos-)
<4> List of UNiX
Manufacturers (-Chaos-)
<5> Arrest Phun (-Nombrist Beor-)
<6> Telephone
CCD’ing (-Electric Vampyre-)
<7> Paranoia (-Electric Vampyre-)
<8> FM
Transmitter (-The Assassin-)
<9> Closing (-Chaos/Electric Vampyre-)

MAGIK and it’s writers assume no responsibility for the uses

of the material presented. The information in this magazine is for
informational purposes
only, and is not necessarily intended for
illegal uses.

To see, to bleed, cannot
be taught, in turn, you’re making us,
— (C) 1992 Pantera




Tired of seeing nothing of any value printed? We are. Our main
purpose in putting this
magazine out is to inform people interested
in as many H/P related topics as we can find. We
plan on not only
bringing you the latest tips and tricks in the H/P world, but our
original software. A zip v1.1 Password Cracker is already in
the works. This is our first
issue, which we put out just to get
things going. We have even more stuff which will blow your
Now that Phrack is no longer a regular publication, we intend to
maintain a
regular publication schedule, unlike any of the other
rags out there.


MAGIK Overview
Electric Vampyre


Welcome to MAGIK Productions first Newsletter. Who is MAGIK?
MAGIK is a conglomeration of
PiRaTeS writing to inform the public
of the interesting aspects of computing. MAGIK is an
standing for [M]asterful [A]narchists [G]iving [I]llicit
[K]nowledge, the
writers of MAGIK are practicing PiRaTeS whose
hobbies include programming, P.H, and of course
the other ideas of
Cracking, Carding, and Virii.
We at MAGIK understand that some of our
talents may be illegal,
but our purpose is to provide you the information to explore the

various aspects of PiRaTe Computing. We at MAGIK write not for the
elite that knows all this
anyway but for the uninformed that wishes
to have more knowledge but cannot find the tools to
attain their
goal. Our idea is "inform the public and strengthen all

At the point of this publication this phyle can be attained via

internet at the address of MAGIK@pnet01.cts.com (ARCHIE AND FTP
SOON TO COME). For those that
do not have an internet account MAGIK
can be reached at the WWiVNeT account of #151 @16964.


Internet users: Address

Maximum size of mail
UUEncode or text version

WWiV Users: Address
or text version

The UUEncode version includes a menu driven
text window style
reader with full mouse support which is very nice for reading.

Presently, at those addresses two things can be done; a
subscription can be obtained or a
message can be directed to the
staff for requests/ideas/etc. When mailing us include either
words "SUBSCRIBE" or "OTHER" in the title, then immediately

proceeding with any details etc needed in filling your subscription
or request. PLEASE DO NOT


FTP / Telnet
by Chaos


There are many lists out there on this topic, but all I have
found to be VERY
inaccurate in that most of the sites will not even
connect or the login information is no
longer valid. Here is an up
to date listing with all addressed VERIFIED by me personally

Both = Telnet and FTP Access
FTP = FTP Access Only

Telnet = Telnet Access Only

Address | Type |

phred.pc.cc.cmu.edu | Both | Contains H/P Text Files /
| | Magazines

bradenville.andrew.cmu.edu |Telnet| Public IRC Chat System
archie.au |Telnet| Archie File
Database at
login: type ‘archie’
nyx.cs.du.edu | Both | Public I-net / UNiX access
martini.eecs.umich.edu 3000 |Telnet| Geographic Name Server
nri.reston.va.us 185 |Telnet|
Person Finder
wuarchive.wustl.edu | Both | Very Large PD site w/ 2
| | CD-Roms



Printed Magazines


P.O. Box 20264
Louisville, KY 40250
Most all issues will cost $1.00 for
US Citizens and $2.00
for overseas. Terms are CASH, postal money order,
or regular money
order with the payee left blank.
BBS: 502-499-8933

Cybertek Magazine

Published by OCL/Magnitude
P.O. Box 64
Brewster NY 10509
$2.50 for sample issue
$15 year for 6 issues

Mondo 2000 (Formerly Reality Hackers Magazine / High
P.O. Box 10171
Berkley, CA 94709-5171
Phone 415-845-9018
$24 for five issues
Frank Zappa subscribes to Mondo 2000!!!

Fact Sheet Five
6 Arizona Ave
Rensselaer, NY 12144-4502
$3.50 for a sample
$33 a year for 8 issues
Phone 518-479-3707

Fact Sheet Five reviews
any independent news media, i.e. 2600, TAP,
Books, Music, Software, etc.

Disclosure by Glen Roberts
P.O. Box 903-C
Libertyville, Illinois 60048
Free sample
$18 for 12 issues

Deals with Privacy, electronic surveillance and related

P.O. Box 640383f
El Paso, TX 79904

Security Digest
150 N. Main Street
Plymouth, MI 48170
Phone 313-459-8787
$125 U.S. per year.
Overseas $155 U.S. per year.

HAC-TIC Dutch Hacking Magazine
Network Address: ropg@ooc.uva.nl
Other Address: Hack-Tic
P.O. Box 22953 1100 DL Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 6001480

Privacy Journal
Box 15300
Washington D.C. 20003
Phone 202-547-2865

Monitoring Times

140 Dog Branch Road
Brasstown, North Carolina 28902


Who Manufactures Which
by Chaos


|Unix Type | Manufacturer
|Aix | IBM |
|bsd |
University of California at Berkeley |
|Coherent | Mark Williams Co. |
|Cromix |
Cromemco |
|Edition VII | Perkin-Elmer |
|EUNIX | Electronic Info Systems, INC |

|IDRIS | Whitesmith Ltd. |
|IS/1 | Interactive Systems, INC |
|IS/5 | Interactive
Systems, INC |
|OS-1 | Software Labs |
Siemens |
|SUN | Microsystems |
|Unica | Knowlogy |
|UTS | Amdahl |
Nixdorf |
|UX | Hewlett Packard |
|VENIX | Ventur Com Ulnc. |
|XENIX | Microsoft
Co. |
|ZEUS | Zilog |


Arrest Phun
Nombrist Beor


You’ve been arrested!

Life sure sucks now, don’t it? Nope. This is where you get to
have more phun while learning a lot about the reason that your
government is NOT your

"Live in fame or die in flame" — Mack

First off,
remember: no hero stuff here. They are probably
wearing bullet proof vests, arrive in bunches
of 20, and carrying
heavy artillery. Even if it’s only one redneck, they all still

suffer from having a severe trigger finger. There is no reason to
get roughed up, bruised, or

The Attitude

You need to have the attitude. Use your head, control
emotions, and keep your mouth shut at all times. Remember that they
will give
rewards to stoolies, so don’t even discuss anything
outside of chit-chat like local politics,
news, or weather.

Okay, second. You are not a young punk pain in the ass. You’re

not a hero; you’re not anything. You are a farm boy from Kentucky
and you’re downright DUMB.
You’re kind and work with everybody as
much as possible, but stubborn. You apologize and call
everyone sir
and generally kiss ass whenever possible. Why? Because you look
stupid and
easy to take advantage of. Remember keeping your mouth
shut? This is the easiest way to do
just that.

Don’t ever ask them for anything. Don’t grovel. You are in
control of
yourself; they are only in control of the situation.
Your complaints will go on report and
give them satisfaction.
Remember "Miranda"? Well, those rights apply at ALL times.
There is
no requirement to read them to you in a whole bunch of special
exceptions, so
just assume that they’ve been read to you anyways.
They WILL appear compassionate and
sympathetic, but they are really
robotized. They are totally impervious to all reason, logic
common sense.

Once you got the basic rules down, the rest of the procedure
is just one big game, except that the stakes are kind of high.
Don’t sweat it if you can,
but chances are that you’re going to be
sweating a lot just because the first time you ever
play in a
quarter million dollar poker game, the numbers get to you. Quarter
million? If
you’re going to be in the dungeon for say 10 years, you
could probably make about $25,000 a
year easily. And that’s after
the government takes out their share of something close to half.
you’re actually going to be playing for a quarter million dollars
even if it’s only
five years. Not only that, but once you’ve been
to jail once, all of your subsequent employers
will be harder to
get and possibly pay less. But this is not a game you would
show up for. Usually, someone else volunteers you in.
Still not convinced? Well, let’s take
some numbers (old numbers but
proportions are right). From the official 1977 IRS figures,
persons qualified for priority treatment (were investigated). 3,408
recommended for prosecution. Of those lucky winners, only
1,636 were indicted by grand juries.
247 of those were convicted
after trial and less than half ever served time in jail. At
time, there were also approximately 90 million income tax filers
(out of a total
population of 210 million). And we’re not talking
about one of the roughest, nastiest teams in
the American Legal
League, in most cases.

The Rules of the Game

Okay, the point of the game is to get over the goal line. It’s
just like football (and if you
try to tempt them, they really will
sack the quarterback just because they are sadistic
Here’s what they score points for. Getting you to admit anything.
Getting you
to incriminate yourself. Intimidating you. Getting you
to skip procedural details. There’s
only one problem with these
simple details: they are all professional players and you’re
an amateur team. That’s why the game is rigged in your favor
intentionally. But
unless you’re a professional gambler, you
wouldn’t even know it.

Here’s what you
score points for. Getting them to admit
Getting them to perjure themselves.
Getting them to foul (not
follow the rules). Giving them as much frustration and anxiety as
possible. Making them lose in front of their friends (they all
have bad sportsmanship
problems). Making them lose in front of the

I can’t possibly go over all
the rules. There are entire
libraries full of rules. And you thought pro-football was bad!
there are certain basics of the game. If you understand those,
you’re way ahead.

Getting a Basic Rule Book

If you want to actually buy a rule book, I know of
one good
one that costs about $20. It is mostly for civil (law suits)
procedure, but he
covers the differences between civil and criminal
pretty well and how to adapt.

Brown’s Lawsuit Cookbook
The Brown Carburetor Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 89
Draper, Utah

Don’t get the "sequel" that he advertises. It’s just a book of

forms and not much use except for the two page excerpt at the end
that talks about RICO, if
you don’t know anything at all about
RICO. Mike Brown’s specialty is getting people out of
prison, so he
might be useful later on, too. The place he has vast expertise in
is Terre
Haute in Indiana, which is not a pretty place to spend an
all expenses paid government
vacation at. For one thing, the other
tourists and the tour guides are absolutely lousy.

Levels of Play

There are a bunch of levels of play. You will probably be like
most people and perhaps never even get to the higher levels, like
the appeals process. But
unless you do something really stupid and
get shot, you are pretty much guaranteed to make it
through the
first few levels. Remember the ways to score points. The more
points you
score, the better your chances of winning. There are
some bonus points built in, too, like
getting a judge get kicked
off the field for a personal foul (easier than you think, but
lawyers are scared silly to even try to do anything like that).

2. Initial Questioning.
3. Booking.
Bonus Rounds: more questioning and
pre-trial services.
4. More Questioning.
5. Arraignment.
Bonus Round: Evidentiary
Bonus Round: Administrative Hearing (automatic in a traffic case;
Bonus Round: Grand Jury Indictment.
6. Trial.
7. Sentencing.
Appeals (pre-trial services, trials, and sentencing).

Hopefully, you can make it to at
least some bonus rounds.
Getting an evidentiary hearing is relatively easy, for instance.
And at that round, there are some points that you can pick up, but
you can also get some
point multipliers that will make scoring in
the actual trial worth more points. There are also
no absolutes.
This is just a thumbnail sketch. Some levels can be skipped or
added in.
Some levels can be skipped because of mistakes you make.
It is possible, for instance, to
petition for a writ of prohibition
(an order from a more powerful judge telling his underling
to stop
doing something to you) and go through a pseudo-appeals stage. Some
levels can
happen completely by mail instead of in person (this is
very common at the appeals level).
But, this basic list of levels
is usually good enough. As you get better, you should have
problems finding some of the bonus levels, like the writs (a writ
is an order from a
judge which carries a lot of weight) levels.


Okay, for now,
let’s go over the basic format to answering

Officer: Generic
You: "Sir, can you please tell me if my answer to that question is

mandatory or voluntary?"

1. Officer: "Voluntary."
You: "Then
I choose not to volunteer."

2. Officer: "Mandatory."
"Sir, what will you do to me if I don’t answer?"

2a. Officer: "We’ll
kick the shit out of you."
You: "My answer is XXX under threat of bodily harm,
coercion, etc."
or perhaps "I refuse to answer on the grounds that I may

incriminate myself." or perhaps "Show me the law, statute, case, or
whatever it is
that makes it mandatory and then I’ll answer." This
is a matter of personal taste; if you
can take the punishment, go
for it. It depends on the situation.

2b. Officer:
"You won’t get out of here until you answer."

They know it. You know it. So
what? You’ll eventually go to
trial and the judge will either have to force your answers to be
condition of your release (this is appealable usually) or order you
to do so (which is
a violation of the 5th amendment and which gives
you the power to recuse the judge so fast he
won’t know what
happened since he’s now a party to the case by getting evidence on
record). It really depends on whether or not you want to give
in to them.

Remember, the whole point here is to attempt to act
cooperative while refusing to say anything
if you can help it. This
is true at every stage of the game. There are lots of different

times where they will try to question you. Even other prisoners may
be sent in to try to get
you to talk if you’re important to them
and you’re being a tough nut to crack. So keep acting
stupid. Ask
for meaningful assistance of counsel to help you understand the
Volunteer for nothing. After all, don’t all the lawyers
tell you that only THEY can understand
legal procedure?

Okay, there is a special case for judges. Remember, judges
to be impartial. With a judge, when he asks you for
information, such as what your name is,
you say:

"Sir, are you attempting to enter evidence on the record because

you are a party to the case?"

This question REALLY pisses them off. If they say
no, then don’t
volunteer information. If they say yes, then they can’t judge the
anymore. Another appropriate question is, "Your honor, are YOU
the accusing party? Then
who is the accusing party? I want to face
my accusers as required by the

Here’s an example of what happened once: "No, Sir. I just
to know who you are so I can proceed with this case. And since when
I asked for the
accused party, you answered, then if you are not
the accused party then you are interfering
with this court and I
will find you in contempt." The right response to this sort of
nastiness is just to say something like, "Sir, It is the job of the
accusing party to
identify the accused party; however, if you wish,
you can call me Peter Pan for purposes of
identification until the
accusing party clears this matter up." A better way is not to
into this situation. When you are called, stand and ask if the
accusing party is
present. And the judge better not respond!
Otherwise, you just stand there and when the
bailiff orders you to
walk forward or whatever, you just say, "I’m sorry if I’m in the
wrong place, Sir. Your bailiff here ordered me to come forward."
This is part of
jurisdiction. Jurisdiction is necessary for a court
to have control over a case. There are
lots of ways they can get
it; when you plead guilty or not guilty, or when they get all 7
elements. Number 1 is positive identification of the accused party.
Accused must be
properly identified; identified in such a fashion
there is no room for mistaken identity. The
individual must be
singled out from all others; otherwise, anyone could be subject to

arrest and trial without benefit of "wrong party" defense. Almost
always the means
of identification is a person’s proper name, BUT,
any means of identification is equally valid
if said means
differentiates the accused without doubt. (There is no
valid requirement you must identify yourself) For
stop and identify (4th Amendment) see Brown
v. Texas, 443 US 47 and
Kolender v Lawson, 461 US 352.


Remember all the things you read about Mirandizing you first?
Forget it. As long as they can
get you to admit anything, they can
use it against you, regardless of whether or not you’ve

They will probably put the cuffs on too tight. And they will
handcuff you. Don’t complain. Don’t ask your kidnappers for
anything. You’re the one in
control here, not a wimp. Act like it.
Be respectful, though. Don’t act better than them or
they’ll take
it out on you (all cops have deep fears of being inferior to
anybody). Your
complaints will go in their report. Don’t give them
any satisfaction!

Do not
answer any questions at all. Demand to get meaningful
assistance of counsel and counsel of
choice, since it is your right
to have these at EVERY important stage, including the arrest

Just try to be as cooperative as possible physically (there is
reason to get the shit kicked out of you here) because it’s not
going to be worth your effort
to resist. Besides, that will give
them a reason to kick the shit out of you that they can use

As far as the actual mirandizing, when they ask if you

understand, just say the truth. Say "No. I need counsel to help me

You may get lucky. They might give you waist chains or leg
irons. If
this happens, wear them with pride! Hardly anybody gets
that kind of treatment anymore and it
means you’re really special.
Show them off to the other prisoners, to any police you meet,
public, everybody!


They will ask for your name? Are you
waiving rights if you
answer? Yep! Aside from that, you could be waiving jurisdiction.

Remember how to answer these questions.."Sir, is the answer to that
question voluntary or

What about mug shots and fingerprints. They will give those
if you’re not guilty, right? Yes, they’ll give you the
originals, but you can be sure they’ve
made copies. In Davis v.
Mississippi, they stated that fingerprints and other personal

identification essentially work like property. They need a search
warrant to get them.


Before you are arraigned, they will probably keep you in a

holding cell until you’re talkative. They will send a pre-trial
to try to get you to tell them your life history.
This is the same routine as booking. Don’t
answer anything.
At arraignment, the magistrate or judge will read the complaint,

information, or indictment against you and ask if you understand
it. He is supposed to inform
you of your right to assistance of
counsel, that you are not required to make any statements,
and that
any statement may be used against you. The whole point of this
procedure is
only to tell you what you have been charged with and
to make sure you don’t understand it. So
answer truthfully and say
"No" if you still don’t have counsel. He may also ask you
how you
plead. In this case, you may wish to say that "The accused stands

mute." If you make a plea of any sort, you could be giving them
jurisdiction. You could
also say that "Since the defendant cannot
understand the charges, the defendant stands
mute." The judge will
say "I will enter a not guilty plea for you." Say loud
and clear,
"I object! Let the record show that the accused stands mute."

Then the judge will start asking you personal questions. Shut
up. Keep the
voluntary/mandatory routine up.

Now, the prosecutor or judge or cop is going to
have a conniption and throw a tantrum because you won’t answer
questions. Let them carry on. In Federal courts, 18 USC 1342
sets release with the least
amount of restrictions unless there is
some legitimate reason on which the court can justify
imposition of restrictions greater than what would reasonably
assure your
appearance. In state courts, the situation is similar.
Okay, now after the government demands
something more than your own
recognizance or an unsecured cash bond, then say loud and
something like, "Please put on record the fact that the government
demanded that I be placed under the unreasonable bond
restrictions of XYZ merely because I
choose to exercise my right to
remain silent."

Some of the bond restrictions
they may want (which are listed
in 18 USC 1342..find out the equivalent for the state) are
of travel, curfew, psychiatric testing, or even weekly reporting.
These are all
considered unreasonable except with extra
circumstances (like you jumped bond before).

Object and state "Please put on record that the no reason was given
for the bond
restriction of XYZ and the accused objects."

The judge will most likely make
submission of your prints and
pictures a condition of your release. If you don’t give in,
sit in jail. Some of the booking questions will be about your
description. The rest will be personal or about your
family; these are out of line.

This much should get you at least through the first 3-4 days
of the standard arrest
procedure and have heaps of procedural
errors lined up for "arguing technicalities"
or appeals.


Telephone CCD’ing
by Electric Vampyre


With the advent of
technology, old forms of getting free calls
have become obsolete. Almost all forms of boxes
can now be
detected and/or curcumvented. Extenders are monitored and are a
sure way to
get caught other then at a pay phone. DEC’s are going
cd and nearly hack-proof. PBX’s are hard
to find and harder to
hack. WHAT’S LEFT?…. CREDIT CARDS, Personal Calling Cards.
calling card is a type of credit that recently has become
popular. The idea behind a card is
the number plus a four digit
code attached to your subscriber line number (phone number).
use the number by dialing the card number and then the desired
phone number.

Obtaining The Card

To do this you look through your local phone book for a
who lives in a lucrative part of town. This is important because
there is less of
a chance that the subscriber will notice the
fraudulent charges. To get the card you set up
your scanner to dial
the number and then scan for the "pin" number after that. (You
have to check your phone directory for the dialing specifications
for credit card
calling, or the operator but not recommended from
the dialing site) I recommend random dialing
over sequential
dialing, this prevents a bored operator noticing an obvious
pattern. You
will know when you connect because the phone system
will allow you to call your desired
target. An incorrect number
will result in the system asking for you to dial your number

Using The Card

Well this is pretty obvious. They are most effective
used from pay phones and the occasional long distance call from
your house (which
is HIGHLY not reccomended). A new card every few
weeks (1-2 if used a lot) is recommended.
This concept works for a few reasons; all the charges on the
card do not appear until the
next billing period. Like all credit
cards, the fraudulent charges must be noticed and
reported before
any action can be taken and the charged investigated. If there
are a few
charges (1-2) then the company usually drops the charges
and any ensuing investigations. If
there are enough the suspect
fraud then they will investigate. If this happens YOURS
(this is because the phone company records both the destination and
the point
of origin of the card). [This is why the cards should be


by Electric


again a good H/P discussion is ruined by an uninformed,
paranoid junior phreak. The child
always yells the same, "the
government is monitoring everyone’s line at the switch."
comments always yield nothing in ways of constructive posting and
are a sure way
to ruin the conversation.

"You know that the government monitors your line for key
then they tap your conversations for a while looking for
something they can bust
you on."

The comments grow as the time passes.

CONSPIRACY" concept would make sense in a
communist state with little phone activity. In
a mega-country
like ours this idea is ludicrous no matter how much the
government wants
to watch and control our personal lives.
To understand the absurdities of this statement let’s
look at
how a phone conversation works (briefly and very roughly).
Initially, you
establish a connection (either an outgoing or
incoming call), then your voice (modem tones,
etc.) gets pulse
code modulated. Pulse code modulation (PCM) is a system where
voice is converted from and analog signal to digital via
sampling, quantizing, and encoding.
To obtain this your voice is
sampled at 8000 times per second, converted into an 8 bit
and sent along. For efficiency, the system sends your channel and
others on the same line, at the same time, one right after
another. (Rumor has it that the
phone co’s are going to try and
push 40 lines now? -Talking to a lineman.)
At certain
lengths along the signals path it is introduced to
a repeater station. Here the code is
reconstructed (amplification
would increase unwanted line noise). If any part of the
"word" (a
word has the same appearance as a byte. eg – "10110101") is
missing the computer reconstructs the missing part. From
reconstruction the signal is
continued on its path.
From your house the code is invariably sent along to your
central office (C.O.) and fed into the electronic switching
system (E.S.S. aka "the
switch") [The switch is a VERY large
machine incorporating an entire building as its
housing.] Following directions established in the "word" the switch
the code onward to its destination (a point of
termination [house, etc], another switch,
satellite, etc.).
Finally, it is sent through your local tap box (giant green metal

boxes along the streets), remodulated, and echoed through your
phone speaker.
For the
government to monitor EVERYONE’s line they must sort
24 different channels and remodulate 8000
different "words" per
channel every second. Compiling the difficulties, they must
scan for "key words" after that or listen to each conversation
(i can already see the comments "they use superhuman
listeners…"). Assuming they
would do this at a NON-PEAK hour
there are still millions of calls generated and maintained
second, there would be no way that today’s government with its
technology (no matter
how advanced it is) could monitor your
line. Why would they care what you are actually saying?
Are you
that aloof that you think your mere words are worth the
government’s time?

The only way that telephone monitoring (tapping) is to copy
the signal and send a duplication
to another point of
termination. This usually produces easily detected noises, etc
an alert ear (possibly paranoid) can (hopefully) detect this.


This is an oversimplified version of the actual processes
involved. (Ever wonder where line
noise came from?)


FM Transmitter
by The Assassin


Ok lets get started…first
off you will need the following items
which can be found at your local Radio Shack and any
place that
sells HAM radio equipment, ie. a HAM radio swap meet…

1) One HAM
radio 6-meter band linear amplifier, to boost the FM
signal from the tuner for broadcasting.
A bandwidth of 6 MHz
will work fine.
2) One 6 meter HAM radio antenna
3) One
tuner that you will use to send out the signal. The use of
a tuner from a stereo is HIGHLY
recommended ie. the part of
your stereo that you plug all the other components into like a

CD player would be plugged in to this and the speakers etc…
4) Two Phono plugs to
Tinned Wire (Radio Shack CAT. No. 42-2371)
they cost about 2 bucks apiece.
5) 2 long
pieces of copper speaker cable

Most of this stuff looks a lot like the stuff
needed to build
a SnowBox…that is because these two devices both do similar
SnowBox sends VHF signals over the airwaves and either
cancel out weaker stations or distort
strong ones and replace them
with whatever the owner of the box wants to show…now since
the xmitter sends out FM waves instead of VHF the result is the
taking over/canceling out
of FM stations.

Construction of this device is fairly simple the only semihard part
comes when finding the station to broadcast on…

First take the two phono plugs and
plug them into any audio OUT
jacks on the back of the tuner.

Now wrap the 2
Tinned wires from the end of the phono plug around
the input screws on the linear amp.

Next wrap each of the speaker wires onto the output screws on the
linear amp.

After that take the end of the speaker wire and connect it to the
HAM antenna.

——— ——- —\ /—
[ Tuner ] ———–> [ Amp ] ————-> [ Antenna ] ——— ——- ———

Once you finish the actual construction of the xmitter
have to decide on what station to broadcast on…the station you
choose depends on
the length of the HAM antenna. He is the equation
to find length of the antenna to use for a
station: Antenna’s
length in feet is = 468 divided by the frequency in MHz.

for 96.3 you divide 468 by 96.3 then that answer is the length
of the antenna: 468/96.3 = 4.86
feet, so cut off 1.14 feet of the
6 footer.

Now play whatever you want through
the audio out jack on the
tuner and it will be amplified and sent out to the public!

The uses of this powerful xmitter are obvious…like setting
up a pirate radio show or just
plain out fucking over the public
with false information about what they can’t see…sounds
like a
nice Orson Wells experience to me. Some other things to do aren’t
fully known and
since I had to rush to get this article in before
the deadline I haven’t had time to test them
all. Which brings me
to another point about this xmitter…since it uses airwaves it is

not traceable!

Be sure to tell on the air who told you how to make this nifty

device who knows I might be listening – THE ASSASSiN ’93

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