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Things That Go ‘BOOM’ and Other Stuff That Rules Tenth Anniversary Issue

Things That Go ‘BOOM’ and Other Stuff That Rules
Tenth Anniversary Issue!


Written by:
Jihad (formerly Case)
Shadows of the Condemned (formerly Cerberus)

Fourth of July, Ninteen Hundred Ninety Five

Table Of Contents:

1. BOOM Disclaims Everything! – Yes, it’s the stupid
2. BOOM Subscriptions – You can finally have Boom delivered
Introductions – The introduction to our tenth ann. issue
4. BOOM! – Learn how to blow your
arm off in interesting new ways
5. BOOM Red Boxes – Yes that’s right, we’ll tell you how to
red box
6. BOOM Arrested? – Two Boom writers nabbed on felony charges
7. BOOM Gets
Pissed – A few people to annoy
8. BOOM In The Woods – Our surprising discovery on the top of
a hill
9. BOOM Reads The News – Yes folks, the writers of Boom can read
10. BOOM Talks
To Watson – Yes, your favorite pothead speaks
11. BOOM Gets Mail! – Yeah, this cool Garry guy
wrote to us
12. BOOM Index – An index of all our articles from issues 1-9
13. BOOM
Conclusion – Hmm… I wonder

BOOM Issue 10 – Part 1 – BOOM Disclaims Everything

WARNING: Use of the information presented in this publication is not very
wise. You
could inadvertently blow up many things: yourself, your arm, your
house, your neighborhood,
your neighbor, or your school. Use these
instructions with great caution. WE, THE AUTHORS OF

BOOM Issue 10 – Part 2 – BOOM Subscriptions

You can now finally subscribe to Boom.
All you have to do is send mail
to >-NEWS@MATCH.ORG-< saying you want to be put on the
mailing list. The
list is not automated, so there are no strict guidelines of what your
must look like. Feel free to (in fact, please) include suggestions,
criticism, letters (if we get enough letters we may have a
letter section next issue) or
compliments (if you think Boom is good…
please don’t lie just to make us happy 🙂 We would
also like to thank those
of you who received this issue from our mailing list. If it wouldn’t
been for your responses to our posts in chat rooms and message areas, we may
scrapped the idea in the first place. If you are getting this mag from
a friend, off ftp, or
off a BBS and you have an internet mailing address,
please subscribe. This let’s us keep track
of our circulation.

BOOM Issue 10 – Part 3 – BOOM Introductions

back to Boom. After taking more than one month off, we have
finally decided to start up the
presses once again. Since last May, many
things have changed. Gut’s Shroud of Deception was
shut down. Then, Black
Crow started up and shut down after less than a month. After Black
Watson started Center of Darkness. This board was pretty good, but his
ordered him to shut it down. Finally, Jimmy the Thief (handle:
Zeek, more about him later)
started a board called the Viper’s Den. This
pathetic piece of shit will hopefully be shut
down by the State Police when
they put him in prison for a few months (more about that later
too.) Now,
Gut and Yavo are thinking about putting up boards… oh well, Boom can

probably survive without a local home board for a while.
In addition, two of the more devoted
readers of Boom, Sophere and
Bladesinger have left for college. We hope they are able to get
on the
Boom mailing list wherever they are and continue to provide suggestions and

comments as they did with issues 1-9.
A lot has happened to the authors too. In late May of
last year Shadows
and Crimson Jihad almost killed themselves with Chlorine gas (it was an
accident, really!) But that incident did allow us to write a very simple
recipe for making
one of the deadlier gases known to man, which will appear
later in this issue. But most
importantly, Crimson Jihad, Watson, Jimmy the
thief, and Braindead were arrested for vandalism
and larceny (the latter
charge is completely undeserved, but they got charged with it anyway.)
may bring about the sale of Watson’s computer and most probably the shutting
of Jimmy the thief’s piece of shit board.
A lot has happened in the real world too, but I
figure most of you
readers either already know about it or don’t give a damn at all, so I
spend too much time on that area. But there is one interesting thing. The
City bombing… NOT done by an Arabian. This came to a surprise
to me too, but it figures, in
this time of uncertainty it is completely
natural to have a country’s own citizens fighting
against it. But, this is
also very bad. Our citizens are wealthier and more educated than most
countries. This makes their attacks all the more harmful. Other people
realize how
bad this is too. This even affected Erik Bloodaxe, editor of
Phrack, one of the most respected
hackers of our time. Just in case you
didn’t catch it here is what he said in Phrack 47:

"The last controversy surrounding this issue came at the last possible
second. In
the several years that I’ve been publishing Phrack, we’ve
received all kinds of files, but
remarkably, I’ve never really received any
"anarchy" files. However, in the last
several months I’ve been inundated
with files about making bombs. There were so many coming
in, that I really
couldn’t ignore them. Some of them were pretty damn good too. So I

figured, I’ll put several of them together and put in ONE anarchy file as a
kind of
tongue-in-cheek look at the kind of stupidity we have floating
around in the underground.

Then the bomb went off in Oklahoma City.

Then Unabomb struck again.

Then the politicos of the world started spouting off about giving the
federal law
enforcement types carte blanche to surveil and detain people who
do things that they don’t
like, especially with regards to terrorist like

Normally, I don’t
really give a damn about possible repercussions of my
writing, but given the political climate
of the day, I decided that it would
really be stupid for me to print these files. I mean, one
was REAL good,
and obviously written by someone who learned "British" English in a
English-speaking country. I mentioned my concerns to an individual who
works with
the FBI’s counter-terrorism group, and was told that printing the
file would probably be the
stupidest thing I could possibly do in my entire

So the file is
nixed. I really feel like I’m betraying myself and my
readership, for giving into the
underlying political climate of the day, and
falling prey to a kind of prior-restraint, but I
really don’t need the
grief. I’m on enough lists as it is, so I really don’t need to be the
of some multi-jurisdictional task-force on terrorism because I published a
file on
how to make a pipe bomb over the Internet. (Hell, I’m now even on
the Customs Department’s
list of ne’er-do-wells since someone from Europe
thought it would be funny to send me some
kind of bestiality magazine which
was seized. Thanks a lot, asshole, whoever you are.)
Obviously, the media
think the net is some kind of hotbed for bomb-making info, so I’m
the first to satisfy their most warped yellow-journalistic fantasies, but
this time.

I really hate what I see coming because of the mess in Oklahoma. If the
American government does what I suspect, we will be seeing a major
conservative backlash, a
resurgence of Hoover-esque power in the FBI,
constitutional amendments to limit free speech,
and a bad time for everyone,
especially known-dissenters and suspicious folk like yours truly.
Be very
afraid. I am."

Phrack giving in to the authorities… my what a
different world we live
in than just a few years ago when Erik would have most probably have
said "fuck it" and published the anarchy shit anyway. Well, I guess

everyone will just have to get a new favorite h/p/a mag. Oh, and thanks for
the "kind of
stupidity we have floating around in the underground" crack.
Let me think… you clear
your articles through the F.B.I. That clearly
makes you part of the underground. Right Erik?

Boom Issue 10 – Part 4 – BOOM!


battery hydrometer
large Pyrex or steel enameled container

Take one gallon of bleach and place it in the container
and begin heating
it. While this solution heats, weigh out 63 grams potassium chloride, add
this to the heated bleach. Bring this solution to a boil and boil until
white fumes appear.
When checked with a hydrometer the reading is 1.3, (if
battery hydrometer is used, it should
read FULL charge.) When the reading is
1.3 take the solution and let it cool in the
refrigerator until it is
between room temperature and 0 degrees Celsius. Take out the crystals
have formed and save them. Boil this solution again and cool as before.
Filter and
save the crystals. Take these crystals that have been saved and
mix them with distilled water
in the following proportions: 56 grams per 100
milliliters distilled water. Heat this solution
until it boils and allow to
cool. Filter the solution and save the crystals the form upon
cooling. The
crystals should be relatively pure potassium chlorate. Powder these to the

consistency of face powder and heat gently to drive off all moisture. Melt
five parts Vaseline
and five parts wax. Dissolve this in white gasoline,
(camp stove gasoline), and pour this
liquid on 90 parts potassium chlorate,
(the powdered crystals from above), in a plastic bowl.
Knead this liquid
into the potassium chlorate until completely mixed. Allow all the
to evaporate. Place this explosive in a cool dry place. Avoid friction,
and phosphorus compounds.


Tennis Ball

A Tennis Ball
A Knife
Several boxes of wooden
matches (not safety matches)
Hockey Tape
A Sparkler

1) Cut a small round hole in the ball with the knife 2) Take the
(the kind used for flip-top lighters) and crush it into a powder 3) Separate
wire handle from the sparkler and grind it up 4) Mix the flint and
sparkler powder together
with gunpowder 5) Pour the mixture into the tennis
ball 6) Cut off the match-heads and pack
the ball with them until you can’t
fit anymore into it. 7) Use the tape to cover the hole
completely 8) The
grenade will explode on contact with any solid surface, producing large
amounts of flame and flaming projectiles. 9) [optional] For a delayed blast
grenade, insert
a dry fuse into the hole before you tape it up.

These babies are easy to make, light
weight, concealable and do plenty
of damage for their size….in general, a kick-ass weapon.
You can make
dozens of them for hours of enjoyment.

Chlorine Gas:

Works(TM) Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Chlorine Bleach

You ever noticed how Works says "Do NOT mix with chlorine bleach"? Well,
to make
chlorine gas you simply do that… mix the chlorine bleach and
Works. We’re not exactly sure
of the ideal ratio, we never did much testing
after it almost killed us. Be careful with this
shit, in ideal (or, wait,
that wouldn’t be ideal would it?) conditions two good breaths will
kill you
(or anyone else).

Boom Issue 10 – Part 5 – BOOM Red Boxes

Ah, red boxing, the art of getting free payphone calls by tricking the
machine into thinking
you inserted money (while you actually just played a
tone). Most people, especially those
dumbasses like Norm, completely ignore
this box as bullshit, like most everything you read in
the h/p/a world (i.e.
the infamous Blotto box). Many of the others, who would like to try
boxing, are discouraged by the illusion that it is hard (and the lack of
instructions, oh and the lack of balls). But, as we will show you…
it’s easy, it’s
effective, and pisses the TelCo company off real good.
Boom has learned from many other
sources (you see, we have no first hand
experience how to do this [we’ve never done it
ourselves {you see, we don’t
have payphones here officer}]). "Red box? My shoes came in
an orange box.
I have no idea of what you speak. I am colorblind… I wouldn’t know a red
box from a blue box officer. I don’t use payphones, they cost too much.
Besides, I’ve never
really figured out which end the quarter goes in, and I
don’t know Morse code, so it wouldn’t
be of much use anyway."
OK enough bullshit.. lets go through Boom’s step by step red
tutorial. What is red boxing? Well red boxing is simply taking a li’l box,

walking up to a pay phone, and playing pre-recorded (or generated) tones.
These tones, which
are the same ones the pay phone makes when a quarter is
inserted, are accepted by the pay
phone as quarters. Simple huh? In fact,
to no be able to do it you have to live in New York
and be named Garry (read
Here is the 5 step process in red boxing:

1. Go to Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc. and purchase a digital recordable memo
recorder. This should
run you about $20. If you are unable to swing that,
a Hallmark recordable greeting card will
also work, these are about $5.

2. Record the tones. Go to a pay phone with an extra
loud speaker (or use
Blue Beep), and record the tones as you drop quarters in (of course,
the coin return lever so you get these back.)

3. Dial the operator. Say
"fuck you." Or wait, don’t do that quite yet
(save it for when they figure out what
you’re doing.) Ask for information,
and remember to say "please." Give information
the number that you wish to
call. Wait for the pre-recorded message saying "please
deposit x cents to
be connected to the number."

4. After the message has
been played, hold the speaker of your red box up
to the microphone of the phone and play your
tones. Do not hold the speaker
to close to the microphone as this sometimes causes distortion
and will
cause you to be routed to the operator. If this happens, you can then say

5. Talk to the person you are calling.

I hope you enjoy this free
calling card. If you can’t do it, then you
don’t deserve the free calling.

issue 10 – Part 6 – BOOM Arrested?

What happens when your rip off a pop machine? Give
up? A loser that you
took along with you narcs on everybody and leaves key evidence behind, or
least that’s the way it went with me. Crimson Jihad and I [Watson] decided
to try to
rip off a pop machine with the ‘salting` technique. Crimson had
read about it in the paper a
while back, and we wanted to try it for
ourselves. Some friends of ours were in town (people
from a local BBS we
hadn’t met before) so we took them along. The one 20 year old, who we
refer to as dumbass informed Crimson and I that he had successfully done it
so we decided to put him in charge and watch. When we arrived at the
pop machine (Notice I’m
not saying Soda Machine because I’m not a freak from
Michigan’ Upper Peninsula, or the dumb
ass cop who I had to make a statement
to.) we tried to just pour the salt water (or salt
solution as the cops so
brilliantly put it) into the machine but going straight from the mouth
the 20 oz container we were using, into the coin slot appeared to work like
Dumbass had the idea to funnel the salt water into the machine. Ok
good idea, but who’s got a
funnel ? Crimson has a funnel, ok so it’s a
glossy CPR card that he folded into a funnel.
Dumbass stuck it into the
coin slot and poured the salt water in. Wow… after about 30 mins
it or not…. NOTHING happened… [wow big surprise] We decided to give up
receiving 35 million new mosquito bites. After taking Dumbass and his
friend back to the place
we met them we (Crimson and I) drove around and
went home) [No he went home and I went home,
not the same house don’t be a
pervert] The next day, while I was enjoying the day watching a
movie with a
female friend of mine <it’s Brea, does that really count?>, in a good
Shadows pops over to ruin everything (thanks Shadows I still appreciate
Shadows informed me that Crimson had just got nabbed by the cops.
So I finished the day in
paranoia waiting for the cops to come. Well my
friendly cops decide to pop over three fucking
days later. [Thank you
lovely pigs] Apparently [I learned at the police station] Crimson’s CPR
(with his name, address etc on it…) was left curled in the pop machine.
The cops
that had visited him the day before learned everything their was to
know from Crimson…
including my name, and the fact that I was the driver.
Well to get right down to the point and
stop wasting your time. I was
charged with felony malicious destruction of private property,
and a felony
account of larceny. (G fun) Crimson just received malicious destruction of

property. Gosh our cops must be really smart, ok the destruction part I can
understand cause I
guess we fucked up the machine good, but where does the
larceny come from? We weren’t even
successful in ripping it off. Oh well
live and learn. I now await my court date to see just
how much I owe…
although I’m not scared.. I’m still a minor and two felonies at age 16 is
no reason for going ballistic. [at least my opinion]. However I guess
dumbass was already
on probation, and like I said he is 20… so I don’t
think he will be getting off as lucky.
The reason why I call him dumbass is
simply because he left the card behind. I don’t know him
well enough to
form a real opinion of him. I will leave you with these words: "If you
think your never gonna get caught your wrong, you will get caught
eventually, if you want
to let that stop you from doing bad, it might not be
a bad thing, if your a true anarchist at
heart your still gonna cause chaos,
you are the only one that can make that choice, but always
keep in mind the
consequences, and MOST important of all….. Drink, Drive, Live, Fuck, and
Smoke Pot" -Watson’s Words of Wisdom

Boom issue 10 – Part 7 – BOOM Gets Pissed

There’s really only one person to annoy this issue and that’s (obviously)
the Thief. His handle is Zeek, he’s 20, and he lives with his
parents. He used to run a
pathetic board called Viper’s Den (although at
one time the message menu ANSI said
"Niper’s Den"). He blew up a driver’s
ed car a few years ago and got busted for it.
Then, within the last year,
he stole computers from a local computer store where he worked and
tried to
sell them to the other local computer store. The owner of the computer
that he tried to sell the computers to told the police, but they never
got enough evidence to
arrest him. Hopefully he’ll get what he diserves
from the pop machine incident. Only a moron
would leave such blatant
evidence at the scene of a crime.

Boom issue 10 – Part
8 – BOOM In The Woods

ON a recent nature hike (wait, no, that’s not it… let’s call
it an
animal hunt, in city limits of course) Watson and Shadows discovered a shack
the middle of of the woods on top of a big hill. At first, Watson
thought it would be a good
place to throw a party, but the pot screwed with
his depth perception and it actually turned
out to be 5′ by 5′. The shack
was equipped with more power than both our blocks and had a 50 –
100′ ham
antenna on top of it. One can only that ham equipment lays inside, but
and Shadows have not had the time to confirm this belief, hopefully
we’ll give a full report
next issue. What we can’t figure out is what the
hell it’s doing up there and who the hell
uses it. It says on the outside
that it is property of the United States Government, more
specifically the
U.S. Department of Agriculture. It also offers a whooping $25-$50 reward
for information leading to a conviction of anyone who breaks inside it.
Anyone have any
clue what it’s use is? If you do, please write us.

Boom issue 10 – Part 9 – BOOM Reads
The News

Headline: EPA seizes radioactive material from teen
Date: July 1, 1995

DETROIT – Chemical charts rather than posters of rock stars or sports
adorned the walls of the teen’s hideaway. Officials say the
18-year-old scientist was
gathering radioactive materials in a back yard
shed used as his makeshift laboratory.

This week, workers from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wearing
protective gear came
to remove the shed in a quiet residential area in Union
Lake, 27 miles from Detroit.

"He was trying to isolate all the elements on the periodic table," said
Barnette, an EPA radiation expert.
The teen, who the EPA refused to name, found slightly
materials from common household items that were burned and crushed until

He also had some radium.
"It’s not clear where he got that
from," Barnette said.

This kid rules. If anyone knows him, please ask him if he
would like to
write for Boom. Chemical geniuses are cool.

Headline: Engler
unveils plan For Michigan information network
Date: July 1, 1995

ready to cruise the Web, Michigan!
Gov. John Engler unveiled his plan Friday to create the
Information Network and said his goal is to lure everyone in the state onto
"This plan – when fully implemented – will help the state of Michigan and
our schools travel and explore the information superhighways of the 21st
Century," the
governor said.
Engler acknowledged that he has not delved into the Internet, but plans

to start now that his office has a World Wide Web page. That also was
unveiled Friday.

"We will get him cruising the Web very quickly," said a smiling Rick
Inatome, the
chairman of the Inacom Corp. Inatome will serve as the
chairman of the MIN advisory board.
Engler said the information network will link each public school,
community college, state
university, independent nonprofit college, and
library. And that network will grow to include
information from state
agencies and departments.
Some of that is available now, but
much more will be added this fall as
network links are made to the state’s new integrated
computer system, said
John Kost, the state’s chief information author and main creator of the
Engler first called for the creation of the MIN in his 1993 State of the
State address. The Legislature, as part of the Proposal A package in 1993,
required the
Department of Management and Budget to prepare a MIN plan by
The governor said
it is designed to be a world-class, interactive video
and data access and exchange system. He
said it is a must for Michigan’s
students, businesses, and citizens.
is changing so fast, we can barely keep up with what’s on the
information superhighway,"
he said. "But while the information age is
speeding toward us, many of Michigan’s
schools, libraries, hospitals, and
businesses don’t appear to see it coming.
that – ultimately – will make Michigan less competitive. Make no
mistake, telecommunications
technology has the power to bring us information
and resources from around the world
instantaneously and cost effectively."
The governor also signed an executive order to
create the Office of the
Michigan Information Network. That will consolidate different offices
functions in state government and carry out the recommendations of the MIN
Inatome said 40 percent of Michigan homes already had a home computer and
said the world’s
growing computer network had a staggering potential.
"We’re talking about a complete
re-invention, not just of the way we
learn, but the way our economy moves, the way our
politics relate, the way
we heal people," he said.
To get to Michigan’s home page
on the World Wide Web use this:

Recently I read an
editorial about this kind of shit. People who don’t use,
or even know how to use, the Internet
wanting all these people who know even
less to get Internet access. I’m sorry, the internet
was not mentioned in
the Bill of Rights. Everyone does NOT need to have it, in fact,
should not have it! I personally liked the system we had back in the late
or even two years ago, where the Internet was shrouded in mystery; if
you could get on, you
could do anything you wanted to. The ftps were never
crowded, telnet rarely refused your
connections, and the chat was meaningful
and interesting. Even look at America On-line. This
winter, if you wanted
to trade warez you went to private room "warez." The room was
never full and
only hit 20 users on good days. Most people at least recognized everyone

else’s handles, and it wasn’t too uncommon to develop friendships. Now,
"warez" is
almost always full and on bust days one will usually have to
settle for "warez 5."
That’s over 100 damned people! Modems should require
some kind of licensing, like HAM radios.

Boom issue 10 – Part 10 – BOOM Talks To Watson

Ya know what bugs me,
well lots of stuff, but you know what bugs me to the
point that I’m going to write about it?
Teachers! [Yes teachers in
general, but more so teachers that have never done anything wrong
in their
life and follow the school hand book like the bible.] Well I guess they
follow it because it doesn’t really move except for the earths orbit
but I guess they are (or
should) be moving along with it in that case. I
had a run in with one such teacher the other
day during my joyful day at
summer school. His name is Mr. Gofucksomeone… (Well that’s his
student donated nick name) his real name being Mr. Gullekson or something
to that. After seeing that I had slept through half of class and
talked through a third of the
remaining he called me out in the hall. The
conversation that went on is that of the following
[Almost quoting, any
deviation is do to my failing memory]
MR. G "Chris, are
you high on anything today?"
WATSON (aka Chris) "………………no?" at
which point I was shocked and
appalled to think he could even mention something like that…
me Watson!
stoned!? G’s what nerve!
MR. G "Chris how long have we been in here
WATSON "You mean like ………today?"
MR. G "No all together
since the beginning of summer school"
WATSON "…..Oh…….uh…. I dunno……
what’s today?"
MR. G "Today is Wednesday"
"…oh…….uh… what day did school start?"
MR. G "Chris you rely on to
many people to help you, why don’t you think
for yourself"

By this time I
was wanting to say fuck you buddy and be done with it but I
decided to continue appearing to
be fucked in the head and replied with

WATSON "Uhh… I think it’s Monday
MR. G "[NOD]"
WATSON "Ok… so
that’s………….. uuh……… 2.. no 3 days?!?!"
MR. G "[Odd look]

WATSON "And we are here how many hours a day?"
MR. G "How many hours do YOU

Wanting to reply with "Too many", I said

"Uhh I dunno what time do we get here?"
MR. G "8:00"
"What time do we go home?"
MR. G "11:00"
WATSON "Oh ok……
so that’s like……………………………
………….[Very long pause wait for Mr. G
to almost interrupt and then
say]… I dunno whatever 3 x 3 is…"
MR G. "..
[I interrupt]"
WATSON "6! no uh.. 9!"
MR. G "Chris I think we
should take a trip down to the office."
WATSON "Uhh… I don’t think WE need

[WATSON goes back to class and is remarkably left alone for the rest of
day Well the point of this story is that Mr. G and any teacher is a prick,
Pot is
good, talking like a stoned moron is always a good thing, and most
importantly I would make a
lot more sence if I would stay on my
medication… [Sorry this article is lacking Watsonism I
will try to be
more fucked for the next article…. ttyl… 🙂

Boom issue 10 –
Part 11 – BOOM Gets Mail

Dear guys at Boom:
Quick, does anybody have sixty
bucks? I desperately want to become a
super hacker like you guys at Boom (right now I’m just a
normal hacker).
But, to become a super hacker, I need to get listed in the phonebook. This
will allow me to use the internet, but the bastards at Ameritech act like
they don’t know
what I’m talking about. They will, however, set me up "real
good" for 60 bucks. I
also need $4,000 for mouse… right now I’ve only got
5 megz, I was told by my hacker friendz
that I need at least 8 meggerz of
mousie support to slip into the ppp slot at my library. The
librarian at
our library denied this and said that we don’t have ppp slots here, but I

think this is just a conspiracy between the library and Ameritech to keep me
from fulfilling
my potential and taking over the world. Furthermore, I
believe Japan is behind it two, because
they know I drive a Ford. I also
hacked my local 911 system. Here is how you do it. Get into
terminal, then type the following just like it is shown: ATDT911 That’s all

their is to it! You just hacked 911! Am I a good enough super hacker to
join Boom?

-Your friend, Garry in NY

Dear Garry in NY, We thank you for your interest in
the mag and your
enthusiasm about hacking. We wish that everyone had your enthusiasm (of

course, it would be nice if they had brains too, which you seem to lack).
However, at this
time we are not accepting applications from losers such as,
well, yourself. That 911 trick is
probably pretty cool, but we haven’t had
time to test it yet. We’ll put it on our list of
things to do right under
blue boxing and sniffing our neighbor’s dogs ass. Again, thanks for
letter. We hope to hear from you soon (of course, whether or not our
readers do is

Boom issue 10 – Part 12 – BOOM Index

Issue 1:

works bomb
liquid nitrogen bomb
dry ice
Issue 2:
lighter tricks
car tricks
Issue 3:
hellfire mix
pin the rocket on the moron
Issue 4:
magic missile
burning hands
flame arrow
wall of fire
Issue 5:
gas bomb
rocket projectile
fire rod
Issue 6:
tennis ball bomb
Issue 7:
BB shotgun

gun powder
ground planted charge
cutting torch
homemade welder
pipe bomb
Issue 8:
pocket rocket
colored flames
roman candles

solid rocket fuel
Issue 9:
anarchist’s toolbox
household chemical

Boom issue 10 – Part 13 – BOOM Conclusion

Well, he hope you
enjoyed Boom 10, the issue that took 14 months to write
(well, actually we only spent 1/2 of a
month writing it, but 14 months
sounds cooler.) Look for Boom 11 soon… it should have some
explosives, an updated look at Watson and Crimson Jihad’s court battle, and

whatever else we feel like putting in. If you have anything at all
interesting to say, please
write to us at NEWS@MATCH.ORG. We would love
to have a letters column in issue 11, but that
will require letters (gee,
it’s funny how that works). We hope you agree with us that Boom 10
was the
biggest and best issue yet… Until next issue 11, take care, don’t fry
brain too much, and stay away from any and all pork products.

-Independence Day,

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