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Things That Go ‘BOOM’ and Other Stuff That Rulez Issue One

Things That Go ‘BOOM’ and Other Stuff That Rulez
Issue One

Written by
Count Zero
of Deception
Gut Shoveler (Gutz)


WARNING: Don’t try this at home. If you’re stupid enough to try any of
shit, we’re not responsible. We aren’t gonna pay your hospital bills because
blew off your thumb. We’ll just laugh at you. WE AREN’T RESPONSIBLE FOR

WD bomb:
Of all the cheap
homemade bombs available, the WD bomb is one of the coolest.
If you’re lucky, you can even get
a nice mushroom cloud with this bomb.
1 FULL can of WD-40 (or any compressed
flammable substance)
1 tube of rubber cement
1 lighter (or match)
1 bb gun (can be
1 bb (can be reused if you’re stupid enough to spend the time to find it)

Put the WD can down on the ground. Cover it with the rubber cement. Or, if

you’re too cheap to use rubber cement, start a fire on and around it (a Chud
variant is good
for this.) Then, light the rubber cement. If you got the
good kind of cement, it should burn
well. Now, get the hell away and shoot
it with the bb gun. See, we told you it ruled.

Chud is a simple long burning high heat small flame material. It can be

used to replace rubber cement in the WD bomb. Chud is the gas mixture,
however, several
different mixtures exist and are specifically named. By
the way, this shit is hard to put out.
I should know, I once kicked a
mixture of this under someone’s shed.

2/3 flour
1/3 flammable liquid
Put the flour and flammable liquid in a
cup. Stir until the mixture has a
dogh-like texture. You may need to adjust the ratios of the
flour and the
flammable liquid.
Flammable Liquids:
As stated above, Chud has
several variants. The gas mixture (plain Chud) is
recommended because of its high flammability
and low cost. However, in
certain cases Chud may not be the best mixture. Here is a list of

substitutions for the gas:
Gas – Chud
Oil – Chug
Anti-freeze – Chuff

Anything else – Chuz

Works Bomb:
Most everyone has heard of the Works (or
hydrochloric acid) bomb. Well, we
figured we’d reprint it for the sake of those who don’t know
about it. The
Works bomb is just a simple pressure bomb. You put two materials that

react with each other (in this case, hydrochloric acid and tin foil) in a
container (in this
case, a two liter bottle) and the pressure builds up
until the container makes a really big
‘BOOOOOM.’ Someone I knew did this
in a forest right next to a little league baseball team
while they were
practicing. The bomb exploded and sounded so loud that the coach (from over
100 yards away) thought it was a gun shot and had the little league players
lay on the
ground for 10 minutes. Pretty realistic, huh? Well, the problem
is that you don’t tell the
bomb when to go off. The bomb goes off when it
damned well pleases (well actually when there’s
so much pressure in the
container.) So, you may have to do it a few times and try to get the
amounts of tin foil and Works in the bottle to get an estmate of the time
it takes
(usually greater than 5 minutes.)
1 plastic two liter bottle (gets blown to
some amount of hydrochloric acid (Works toilet bowl cleaner)
some amount of tin
Put the tin foil in the bottle. Then, pour the Works into the two liter
get the cap on as quickly as possible. Don’t be afraid, you have a little
while to
run. As I said above, you will have to play around with the
amounts of tin foil and Works you
use. Generally, don’t fill the bottle
over 1/3 with the combination of both. Don’t stand
within 15 feet when it
goes off. I heard of someone blowing off thier hand by holding one
these (there are some real dumbasses, aren’t there?)

Liquid Nitrogen Bomb:
The Liquid Nitrogen bomb is simply a varient of the Works bomb. For those
that don’t know,
liquid nitrogen is that really cold shit (like 74 degrees
Kelvin.) You can get it at most
Chemistry labs. The bomb explodes because
as the Liquid Nitrogen warms up, it gets bigger
until there’s enough
pressure to blow up the bottle. The Liquid Nitrogen bomb is probably
coolest pressure bomb easily available.
1 plastic two liter
a little less than 2 liters of liquid nitrogen
Put the liquid
nitrogen in the bottle. Close the top real tight. Run like
hell. It should take about 5-15
minutes for the bomb to go off.

Dry Ice Bomb:
The Dry Ice bomb is yet another
variation of the Works bomb.
1 plastic two liter bottle
some dry
some water
Put the dry ice and water into the bottle. Close the
top really tight.
Run like hell. It should take a little while for the bomb to go off.

Molotov Cocktail:
The Molotov Cocktail is a long range gasoline delivery system. It
makes a very nice fire where ever it hits. By the way, the people who
wrote the
CyberPunk 2020 RPG game thought Molotovs were so cool, the
combat rules for using them are
listed on page 111 in the CyberPunk 2020
rule book.
1 glass bottle
(MUST be glass)
1 rag (a tampon is better if you can get one)
1 lighter (or match)

some duck tape (the good kind)
some gas (enough to fill the bottle)

Fill the glass bottle with the gasoline. Then, soak the rag (or tampon) in
gasoline. Fit the
rag into the opening in the bottle. Tape the rag there
with the duck tape (that’s why you need
good duck tape.) After you have
assembled the cocktail, light the rag (or tampon), throw it,
and run the
hell away. See, we told you it ruled.

Further issues to come….

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