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Things That Go ‘BOOM’ and Other Stuff That Rulez Issue Three

Things That Go ‘BOOM’ and Other Stuff That Rulez
Issue Three

Written by
Count Zero
of Deception
Gut Shoveler (Gutz)


WARNING: Don’t try this at home. If you’re stupid enough to try any of
shit, we’re not responsible. We aren’t gonna pay your hospital bills because
blew off your thumb. We’ll just laugh at you. WE AREN’T RESPONSIBLE FOR

Smoke Bomb by Alpine Hacker:

This recipe was witten by Alpine Kracker. It originally appeared in
Phrack #6. But, we
thought it was appropriate for this newsletter.
Saltpetre (Potassium
Alcohol (100% is best, but plain rubbing alcohol will work)

Gunpowder (or some ground-up rocket engines)
Matches (Get a box of 50 packs -they can be very
Coffee can
Combine the sugar and saltpetre in
a 3:1 ratio (Sugar:saltpetre) and heat
over a low flame until the mixture has thoroughly
melted together. (It will
look like sticky white lumps when ready) You need to stir this
while heating, and remove it from the flame at the very first sign of smoke.
I had a batch go off in my face once, and the workroom was filled with smoke
for a good
half hour. It is easier and safer to work with smaller batches.
Now, dump all of this
"smoke powder" into a coffee can, add some match
heads, moisten it with a little
alcohol, and add gunpowder until all the
smoke powder is coated. Now tape a cigarette between
the match heads in an
unopened book. Imbed the book into the mixture.
Light the but,
and walk casually away to find a nice alibi within 5 minutes.
You should be able
to find some Saltpeter in a local drug store.
All of the gunpowder, match heads, and alcohol
is simply to insure good
ignition. You can omit them, but if you have them, mix them in for
reliability’s sake. For the fuse, you can either use the one listed, or
either some canon
fuse, or a rocket igniter and an electrical system.
A quarter pound of this stuff is supposed
to fill a city block. I’m not
sure if that is accurate, but it sure fills a public bathroom

Movie Technique:
Movies use a very simple method to create fog. They get
a whole lot of
liquid nitrogen (that really cold shit) and put it in buckets where they

want the fog. The liguid nitrogen converts directly to a white fog-like
gas. You should be
able to get liquid nitrogen at any well stocked
chemistry lab in high school or college.

C & C Hellfire Mix:
This is one of the kewlest flammable mixtures we know about. It
is derived
from the fact that heated wax and gasoline will form a new substance when

combined. We call this substance the C & C Hellfire Mix. We originally
intended to use gun
powder instead of the gas, but we’ve been too lasy to
get some gun powder. If you replace the
gas with gun powder, please tell
us how it works. C & C Hellfire Mix is basicly just
highly flammable wax.
Candle Wax
Put the candle wax in the jar. Heat the jar in the microwave. It takes
about 15 minutes to heat the wax to a liquid state in the microwave. You
an use a
flame to do it faster, but I find the microwave more conenient.
Then, when the wax is in a
liquid state, mix some gasoline in. The exact
ratio of gas to wax is up to you. Obviously, the
more gas you put in, the
bigger fire you’ll get and the less easily it will harden. It depends
what you want to do with the Hellfire Mix. Well anyway, stir the mixture
after you
add the gas. Then, do whatever yer gonna do with it.
Substitutions for the gasoline:
assume C & C Hellfire Mix works with just about any flammable substance.
However, we’ve
only tried it with gas and rubber cement. If you try it with
other substances please let us
know. Most liquids should work just like
gas though. Rubber cement is one of the more
interesting combinations.
It creates a sticky flammble wax. However, it doesn’t compare to gas
Uses for C & C Hellfire Mix:
Wicks – make wicks with it. Get
a string and make some Hellfire Mix. When
the mixture is still liquid, dip the string in. The
string will become
coated with the mixture. Only one or two dips though, it doesn’t work
with more. For this use, there should be a high gas to wax ratio.
Explosive Candles
– Yes, you can make candles out of C & C Hellfire Mix.
Give them to your favorite
relatives as gifts. Start out just like wicks,
but dip the string in a lot more. For this use,
your gonna need a tall
thin pot. This will allow you to keep the candle straight. You may need

to keep the mix warm so it doesn’t turn to a solid on you.
Sterno substitute – C &
C Hellfire Mix will even replace sterno. Take a
used sterno can (or some other can) and pour
the Hellfire Mix into it.
Then, let the mix cool. It should form a solid substance. When you
to light it, it may take a second but after that stand back.
Molotov Cocktails – Can
you replace the gasoline in Molotovs with C & C
Hellfire Mix? Well, sorta. It won’t
explode as cool and it might cool to
a solid before you throw it. And, it’s more expensive and
harder to get
than gasoline. But, if you want to make a Molotov with Hellfire Mix go

ahead. Just don’t blame us if it sucks.

Pin the Rocket on the Moron:
On the
lighter side, here’s a fun little game for all of you to play.
Please rememeber, if you get
hurt it ain’t our fault. Okay, now that we
warned you here’s the game.

Shoot little rockets at a moron running around in a field (or forest or
swamp or nuclear waste
dump.) Whenever someone hits him, he loses.
Whenever he successfully dodges a rocket, he wins.
But, winning doesn’t
mean shit.
1 metal pipe
1 lighter
of little rockets
You can get about six little rockets from one firework if
you buy the right
one. Put the rockets in the pipe (which is on the aimer’s shoulder.)
have the ignitor (the person behind the aimer) light the rockeet with the
It should come shooting out of the pipe.
Yes believe it or not, this game HAS
been tested. Of course, the moron
running around in the field didn’t really consent, but that
doesn’t matter.

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