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Things That Go ‘BOOM’ and Other Stuff That Rulez Issue Two

Things That Go ‘BOOM’ and Other Stuff That Rulez
Issue Two

Written by
Count Zero
Shroud of
Gut Shoveler (Gutz)


WARNING: Don’t try this at home. If you’re stupid enough to try any of
shit, we’re not responsible. We aren’t gonna pay your hospital bills because
blew off your thumb. We’ll just laugh at you. WE AREN’T RESPONSIBLE FOR

This issue is dedicated to fun with
lighters and other people’s cars. Two of
the tricks, shower of sparks from nowhere and what
to do with a left over
lighter casing are taken from Phrack issue #6. They have been modified

slightly. We would like to give credit to the Leftist for writing the
original article
in Phrack.

Shower of sparks from nowhere:
This trick is done usually with an
empty lighter. Disassemble the top,
being careful not to loose the flint, and the spring,
which are under the
striker wheel. Throw away everything else, unless there is still some
in the lighter, which can be used for some of the other things in this file.

Save the flint and spring.

Ok, now take the spring, and pull on the end a little, and
stretch the
spring out a little longer than the flint. Next, take the flint, and kind

of wrap the end of the spring around it. It should look sort of like the
picture below. Next,
the fun part. Take the spring, and hold it by the end
that doesn’t have flint on it, and heat
the flint till it glows. Don’t
worry, the heat won’t burn your fingers. Then, throw it flint
first at
victim, pavement, or whatever.

\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ <- heat this
/ \ / \
³ ³
spring flint

What to do with leftover lighter
casing (Bic or compatable):
Light one of the striker wheel supports, and lay it upside down in
a corner
and run like hell! This will blow pretty good. You can also take the
and wrap it loosely in a paper towel (or cover it with rubber cement
or use a Chud varient),
light the towel (or whatever), step back, and
shoot it with a BB gun. Fun. Experiment, but
don’t ever puncture the
lighter while you’re holding it, that would be foolish.

How to get a big flame (with a Bic or compatable):
So, you want more flame than that little
adjuster dohicky will give ya huh?
Well, just pry off the metal casing and turn that plastic
thing as far as
you want. You can get alot more flame that way. Don’t be a dumbass though.
After doing this to his lighter, this moron I knew stuck the lighter right
up to his face
to see how much bigger the flame was and burned off one of
his eyelashes.

to do to a Zippo:
Okay, your friend got a really nice Zippo. What do you do? Zippos are

really cool lighters because they are reusable. That also makes them
susceptable to sabatoge
though. If just wanna piss him off, open up his
Zippo (when he’s not looking of course) and
wash all of the lighter fluid
out of it. Replace the fluid with water. Then, have fun laughing
at him
as he tries to dry it out.

Want to have a little fun with him? Replace the
lighter fluid with gas.
Watch the expression on his face when he lights that baby.

The Commie approach – In Vietnam, Commie spies would take out the insides
of a Zippo and
rig it up so that if you light them up, the C-4 inside would
blow up. Several people got thier
hands blown off this way. However,
unless you have some spare C-4 and a ride outta town I
wouldn’t recommend
this method.

Take apart the Zippo again (and again when the
owner isn’t looking). Take
out the sponge-like thing that holds the lighter fluid. Cover it
with super
glue. Then, put the fuel holder back in the Zippo. In a little while, your

friend will be able to forget about ever refilling that lighter.

Take a close look at
the Zippo. Notice the inclosed area where the wick is?
Okay, take some Chud (see BOOM #1) and
put some in there. Be careful
though, you still want this to light. Then when the owner
doesn’t notice
the white flammable substance and lights the lighter, his Zippo will start
on fire (well, more than normal.)

And finally, try using your friend’s Zippo as bait
one day while you’re

Fun Things to do to Someone Else’s Car:
there’s someone you don’t like. You wanna get him bad right? Well,
ever consider his/her car?
Here are some mischevious things to do to a car:
1. Pop the tires. Pretty simple, take a big
sharp object and cut a slit
right down the length of the tire.
2. Take out the battery.
Physically remove the battery from your friend’s
car. Then, watch his face as he lifts up the
hood and finds that his
battery is missing.
3. Wreck his paint job. Just make his car
look bad by wrecking his paint
job. You could take a key a scrap a line down the length of the
Or, you could be creative and use acid. Probably one of strongest and
acids is Hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid is found in
Works toilet bowl cleaner.
Set a Works bomb inside the car. If your friend leaves his car
unlocked, simply open the door
and put a Works bomb inside (see above.)
If your friend locks his doors, break a window and
unlock them. Then
put the Works bomb inside.
5. Put sugar in his gas tank. The sugar
expands and eats away at the
insides of the car. Someone I kew had this done to his car and
had to
pay $2000 to have the car fixed.
6. Put popcorn seeds in the gas tank. The gas
will get hot and the seeds
will pop. I can only theorize that this would cause a shitload
damage. If you know anyone who has done this or had it done to them,
contact me. I
want to know exactly what this prank does.
7. Take the hubcap off and remove all the bolts.
Caution, this is
dangerous for both you and your enemy (especially if he finds out you

did it!) But we’re not worried ’cause we won’t take responsibility for
use of anything in this

Further issues to come….

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